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Thread: s138 Mech hit

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Jessi View Post

    No, all posts have been in response to Ish's original post on page 1 of this thread. My post was in response wrex's claim that the only time he ported away from being attacked was when supposedly 6 Hostiles (was only 3 of us) came after him. I was correcting his claim of such, adding a little bit of proof to back up my words. Something wrex doesnt seem to know about.
    it was 6 players cz i remeber it very well..but anyway im not the one who will dig up the past ..but will say those reports are only of the phract smack after which i ported yes..but im sure you wont be posting the full 3 days reports now are you?
    Quote Originally Posted by beggar of belief View Post
    Are you all talking about events from August????
    yes i believe they are after attacking for 3 days straight thats all they have to show..
    Quote Originally Posted by TheChoSen1 View Post
    Geez i take a weekend away and you guys jack my beautiful thread... lol I am not going to get into agruements about who is winning
    between NO and Hostiles, Lazz already made the case there. I want to dicusss the series of hits wrex claims he came out ahead in.

    First think i want to mention, wrex's walls were cleared the night before, by a mech hit which he chose to move out all but 1k of
    every troop.

    Obviously he won the resource give and take but it allowed me to set up my later hits.

    Day 2- i decided not to give him the choice of shutting his gates. Jason333 and I timed 188k trans with the posted mech wave and
    7 99.5k/500 arch smacks. We basically gave him the choice of shutting his gates like the day before, and having his plundered,
    or leave the gates open and take what was coming for him. For once (though he admitted to me in pink he thought of just porting),
    he chose to fight. >

    Note: All these hits were blind, no prior scouting.

    If you look at it from a resource standpoint I win. Everything can be broken down to the games greatest commodity, food. Each unit lost by both sides has an equal value
    in that commodity. I won't lay out all the math unless i get persistent requests for it, but troop losses on my side after heal equaled 1,490,913,659 food, offset by food taken in
    first gate closed hit, 49,221,836.25 food, so 1,441,691,759.75 total food lost. Wrex's losses were 1,572,506,527.5 food after heal. I WIN! XD

    Was he cleared? No.... Did i care? No... Hindsight being 20/20 i should have dropped 1 arch smack for and arch bow to finish the swords. But I launched these attacks without a scout, finished my work day, then took the wife and kids to dinner. I didn't even login to heal
    for 2hrs after the hit. For me the troops he lost were worth the cost, the fact that he was going to holiday (for 4 months supposedly) means he won't be rebuilding
    those troops and will have to go through the mess when he gets back.

    I will give wrex credit for being a decent defender when he stands and fights, but he does spend more cents on Holiday mode than Rew spends on OnWars :P
    All in all it was a fun hit and i am glad it provided my friends here so much entertainment XD
    i do spend time and money on evony as much as i can and yes again you guys seem to have a problem with me holidaying all the time as you say ..well unlike you guys and girls i do have to work and have a family (kids +wife) who are of more importance to me then this game is..and ish im sure the builds will be longer for you then for me yes i use holidaying as an option which is provided by the programmers of the game!!!have probs with that i suggest you guys taking it up with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheChoSen1 View Post
    The report she is showing was the last time we kicked his ass and forced him to truce, holiday, and then port. Its a reminder for him to not forget he has always been one of our favorite targets
    its a pity that im not into this game as much as you guys ...and to be honest im quiet flattered that you guys have chosen to save all these reports of me im sure most of those reports will show just one of them were wining fights for you lot which was when i decided to let my walls take the hit accepted may have been a mistake on my part..all in all i do still have my citys and im still here playing whenever time and real life allows me to do so.but i will be glad to do this again soon tbh nothing more i like to see all of you guys defending each others claims..keeps me entertained..
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    see ^^^TOOL^^^ can't even admit defeat when it happens and it is proven. That is wrex for ya. I suppose that was my point in posting in the first place. Im not in hostiles anymore, and it was just me attacking you. You remember very well....HA You remember what you want to remember wrex, and that is never the reality of the situation. I know the dream world you live in is much brighter than reality. You are good at evony, NewOrder is the best alliance, and you have never been beaten. LOLOL keep living the dream bud

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    it really impresses me how someone can distort reality so far as to just ignore blind facts. turning me brains to scrambled eggs i tell ya

    also- reports are saved from the last time you tried to deny it. wrexy you're a creature of habit

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    If you are paying more money not to play then on On Wars, then whats the point of playing???

    Oh yea For hostiles to farm, silly me
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    Quote Originally Posted by wrex555 View Post

    yes i believe they are after attacking for 3 days straight thats all they have to show..
    At least they have posted several shots, you've posted four doctored/samey ones.


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