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Thread: Super Server Problems ss56-ss60

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    I think....most of the server is now inactive due to no fixing and nothing in reward.
    so they surely need to clear inacitves.

    update:works good for me now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thalin Athasian View Post
    Sorry it got closed with no acknowledgement. Right now for ss60, we're not looking at the inactive issue at this moment; we're wanting to get a stable version up and look at other issues such as the report latency. Sorry Draco.
    Regardless of situations it should be considered unacceptable to close any ticket regardlesss of its content without some form of acknowlegement.

    Thats Customer Service 101.

    I mean seriously, wow. Get your folks a script or something and tally the requests and move on if you aren't gonna deal with it now, or possibly ever. I could suggest some books that I gave the Help Desk team I trained at my current employer, or the presentations I gave the support teams I managed at Acer, Everex, and other companies.

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    no repports on ss60... again....

    A tribe is simply a gathering of people with a learned commonolity"

    retired VH Wicked_108 ss60

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    i think everyone who is a member playing on affected servers should be compensated for coins used to holiday during this mess and vestas replaced that were used due to evony's multible blunders of no food upkeep to free food then back off and on again rendered them vesta worthless and wasted [that is a severe failure of services rendered ] and an apology and also continue free food and 2x tmes resource buff for least a week to compensate .anyless just shows how evony customer service truley is ...sted they offer us a cold bowl of stone soup and trip us up as we walk away ....... for the grinch award goes to evony ....for they truley dont care till their bottom line falls out with no paying customers ....

    added this bit i forsee mods closing all threads concerning this matter as they like to censor the truth and bann anyone who speaks their mind ....great evony customer service in its finest shows the truth ...
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    SS60. Some players now have an issue where the gates are ticked open but troops are not defending. Please fix this crap soon.

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    SS56. We are still experiencing a lag in reports before we get them back.
    Plus if you send out attacks, they are being switched in order from what was sent.
    This is making a timed attackek practically useless and/or very very expensive on troops.
    Still no comment on all the troops that were built and vanished after the double reset. No resources were returned we have all noticed.


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