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Thread: Super Server Problems ss56-ss60

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    Thanks Dawnseeker.

    On a side note. is there any plans to shift the 44k dead cities littering the map on SS60?


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    Oh come on Dave you don't really think they will do some such thing :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    The server is offline while we resolve the issue. It should come back up in 20 minutes or so.
    Doubt that is how short of a time it will take. Every Main. sense merge has been 2+ hours and they normally take 5mins.

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    Dawnseeker, will you address the inactive issue, here in the forum? SS60 is way too crowded as it is, and all the dead do not help. Fixing todays glitches is great, thank you, but the there is still a stinking corpse in the living room that nobody is doing anything about.

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    So much for that 20mins, been over 30 now.

    A note to ALL people asking for a merge, Take a good look through the forums and Look at what your asking for!

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    please evony something needs to happen with ss60

    the congestion is beyond bearable for many and alot are just up and leaving
    and quitting the game forever

    i am fortunate enough to be in a strong alliance that can dominate a state
    but what about the people that dont?

    because there is no room for them to grow,
    do they just wait patiently until sum1 big comes along and zeros them out.

    and for some reason it seams there are alot more valleys and alot less flats...

    and we dont need a bigger map, just remove the inactives put them in a vault
    until they sign back in then give them a random to port to any state of their choosing.
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    I Got IT!!

    Just merg ss60 with one that is still working!!

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    We are going to extend the maintenance to implement some fixes that will improve overall server performance. We'll have the server up again as soon as possible.
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    I'm only logging on to announce i'm taking a break... C'mon i want my RL back asap
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    Which means hours...

    Dawn you must get paid a lot, because I don't think I'd be able to put up with the amount of hate mail you get a day (not because your you, but because your an evony rep, and the fact you reply more then most).
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