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    Default and coords

    I know this is an old issue...but at one time, you could input an evony url report there and it would give coord of both attacker and defender. Evony decided this was 'never something the devs wanted'. So, was made to remove that information.

    Now,people just go to sites that give ALL coord for a particular player, not just the city involved in the report.

    Again, an Evony blunder. Most would just have used to get the one coord. Now, all the coord of all players looked up by a HUGE amount of players here.

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    Actually, Evony removed coords from the report itself, therefore making it impossible for evonyurl to see the city's coords.

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    I think you're going to find that no matter how hard you try to hide them, people are going to try to find ways to view coords other than things that can be considered fair (People passing them around in alliance chat and the like...)

    I don't think the changing of reports really did anything for this.

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    ya there are sites that you can go to see coords of everyone but thats because the site creates bots in evony that sweep each server to find coords

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