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    I am having an issue with drafting from colonies that I know have a lot of troops in them. Now I've read that this is a result of the colony account being inactive. What I'd like is an explanation as to why this mechanism is in place. If the city has troops in large quantities I should be able to draft them regardless of the activity level of the other account. I have included screen shots of the massive negative food production and troop screens.

    Neg. Food.jpg

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    bumping this...this question is over a month old and STILL unanswered....I am also very curious to know why this is because Ive had several issues with this also. Ive been tempted to re-colonize some of them just to see if that helps. Hope we can get an answer to this threads question soon.

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    I tried re-colonizing city, didn't work. Believe to be glitch, otherwise should have reset inactivity.

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    First question id ask is if the troops are actually in draftable range, inactivity should have nothing to do with it. Maybe if they were banned accts but you would've had to have colonized them before they were banned which would negate what Plotter has said about re-colonizing the cities. a look at the SR's for the cities might be a bit useful other than that im not sure what it would be.
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