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Thread: When Will Your Server Be Merged?

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    Default When Will Your Server Be Merged?

    I'm getting this question a lot lately. Apparently people are going around starting rumors that some server will be merged on some day. Every rumor about server mergers is false.

    If we are going to do a merger, we will announce it a few days ahead of time, typically, and system mails will go out to every player on the server. The reason I know that all rumors are false is because the devs do not tell anyone ahead of time. Even I am in the dark usually on these.

    So, if you have not received a system mail about a server merger, then there are no concrete plans to merge your server and every rumor you hear about it is categorically false.

    And, by the way, no Evony Representative or staff or any forum moderator is able provide any answers to questions about the timing of future server mergers.
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