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Thread: Why Can't I Create Threads?

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    Default Why Can't I Create Threads?

    If you cannot start a thread outside of Help and Questions, this is because you do not have the sufficient posts/rank. Currently you are at civilian status, with 14 posts or below. To gain the status to post threads elsewhere (knight) neither then Help and Questions you need 15 NONSPAM posts.( Make sure these posts are relevant to the topic you are posting on, and make sense, or else they'll get deleted)

    And to find the button just go into a section and you should see a button "New Thread" On the upper-middle left.

    Little note: It takes a little while for the forums to update your rank to knight after you have 15 posts, just wait a bit.

    And that is it, if you need any help with this subject feel free to private message me.


    Now ,this part is full credit to LordMac123 on ideas on where to post

    Quote Originally Posted by LordMac123 View Post
    Make up a good suggestion in the Game Suggestion Box: - Check out the Already suggested ideas thread first though. -

    Consider getting involved in Graphics... Request a sig. Lots of people have requirements, but I don't really. -

    Tell the Forums your favorite game series:

    Introduce yourself to Off-Topic Forum - Must be in the group first. To do this, go to your control panel, find group memberships, and then apply to Seriously Off Topic. -

    Maybe make a small Forum Suggestion, be careful, software is used to make up these forums, so not anything is possible. Also, read this first - . - To go the the Forum Suggestions area:

    Maybe you have a killer guide to getting certain things that you would like to share with others:

    Give the people who post Battle Reports some feedback on their hits in their threads:

    Tell people what you are listening to or your fave music track:

    Have an epic screenshot or a funny one? You can also give some feedback on topics related to the screenshot posted here:

    Post a funny conversation you have seen in chat here to give some others lolz:

    Talk about the game in general here:

    Talk about your noob-day blunders:

    When you have a burning question about the game, ask it here:

    Issue with your server? Or do you just want to talk about it?

    What video game are you playing?:

    Talk about a video game, ask others about their favorite console, for example.:

    Make up a reason to fake ban someone lol...:

    Talk in ninja text (white, it blends with the background):

    Post a LOLcat here to brighten up someone's day:

    What is your troop upkeep?:

    These are twenty ideas. Even if you choose to not do some of them, you can still fairly easily reach the posts needed...
    And, welcome to the community.

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    Sticky nomination.
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    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Sticky nomination.
    It already is


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