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Thread: Age 2 - Complete Guide - Beginner to Advanced + AeroCalc v2.2

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    Default Age 2 - Complete Guide - Beginner to Advanced + AeroCalc v2.2

    Age 2 - Complete Guide - Beginner to Advanced + AeroCalc v2.2

    This guide is meant to be helpful for all sorts of players, from the person starting for the first time, to the experienced players looking for more detailed information. If there is a topic you believe I am missing and should add to this guide, please don't hesitate to ask for it.

    1. Starting your first city

    There are multiple ways you can start on the server. The path you choose should depend on how much (if any) money you are willing to spend as well as how much experience you have.

    a.)Beginner style play
    If you have never played Age 2 before, this is probably the way you will want to start the game. I recommend against spending money right away, because you may make mistakes and wish to start over. I also recommend that if you wish to become a serious player, possibly starting on a server for a few days just to grasp how to play, before starting on the server you want to stay on.

    The first step will be to go to the server you wish to play on. It will give you a step by step tutorial in game, that will walk you through the first few quests and teach you how to complete them. One thing it does not tell you is to click the "Speed Up" button at the top right of the page. If you do this on buildings that have base (not modified by hero or technology) build times under 5 minutes, you will complete the build instantly without any resource cost (speed ups).

    After you complete the Tutorial quests, you should have one of each resource field (Farm/Mill/Quarry/Mine) at level one, a level 1 inn, feasting hall, and a level 2 cottage. This does not leave you very far into the game, but should get you a decent grasp on how the controls work. At this point, you should have ~8k food, 10k lumber, 8k stone, and 7.5k iron remaining, which can be seen on the resource tab on the far right side of the screen.

    At this point, you want to start playing with Facebook while you build. The easiest way to do this is to join the largest alliance you can find, advertise your Facebook ID to the members in either alliance chat or a group mail, and then anyone who friends you on Facebook, make sure to add them as Evony Allies. To add a person as an Evony ally, you can click the gift box just to the left of your remaining resources, and then on the top of the new page it brings up, click on "My Allies" to send them an ally request. After they accept this, you will be able to see their Facebook Avatar in game, and you can click on that and click Visit Empire. Once there, click on the bottom of the page "Help Increase Production". Doing this will give you a resource pack you can open and help keep you from running out while starting your first city (it is very easy to run out and have to wait for more to produce). You can also visit your friends Facebook pages individually for Evony wall posts. The one I find most helpful early on is "xxxxxx found Wild Horses". This will give you 100 cavalry for clicking on it. Everyone can click on 20 wall posts a day and this lets you collect 2000 cavalry from other people. If you have the opportunity to post this, when people click on it, you will receive 200 cavalry (up to 10 times I believe), giving you a total of 4000 cavalry for the day. Now unless you are chasing historic heroes (HHs) early, which I do not recommend if this is your first time playing, you can destroy these cavalry in a barracks. Next to their name where you can queue them, is a picture of them with a red circle over it. If you click this red circle, it will ask how many you wish to destroy, and you should choose all to gain a portion of their resources (Cavalry are pigs and will eat more food than you can afford this early in the game, but are worth collecting for their resources.)

    Now for city design; You should build your first city as an all-purpose city. This means that it should have Farms, Mills, Quarries, and Mines. I would build 2 Mills and Mines for every Farm and Quarry you build in this town (later on in your next cities, this will not be how you should build them because stone will be useless, and better to focus on one resource per city). Try to maintain this ratio for as many resource field slots as you have. As you increase the level of your Town Hall inside the town, you will gain three more resource field slots. For the first day (once again, if not chasing HHs) or two, you should always have 1 build slots building a resource field, if not both. You will also want to make sure your academy is leveled up high enough to start training Combat Technologies (Iron Working, Military Tradition, Compass, Horseback Riding, Archery, Metal Casting, and Medicine). These should be your focus except for those that are pre-requisites for other things you may wish to build.

    As you level up your town, and increase the level of your feasting hall and inn, you will want to watch for a better hero to come along. You will want two types of heroes early one: a Politician, and an Attacker. For your first heroes, I would search for one that fits the following equations (Main Stat - Level ) >= 50. Later in the game, you will change that 50 to a 67 or so for quality, but you can't be too picky early on, otherwise you may not get one for quite a while.

    What each hero stat is good for:
    Attack : Should be sent with most attacks. Should be set to mayor while queuing troops to reduce queue times.
    Politics : Should be your default mayor. Reduces queue times of buildings. Increases resource production rates
    Intelligence : Should be set to mayor when starting a new technology research. Should be sent with overwhelming attacks (when your units will take only 1 round of combat to defeat all types of enemy units, regardless of hero Attack bonuses.) This is because INT is a flat life bonus to all of your troops

    One last word of advice while building your town, is to not build more than seven cottages in this town. Any more than this and you are wasting space that can be better utilized by barracks.

    This may sound too simple, but essentially you will want to follow your quest chains for the most part. There are however a few quests that are not worth doing at all or should at least wait until you are an established player:

    Quests you should wait on: The quest row named "Wealthy Society" and the sub-row named "Stone" never needs to be completed. If you complete this, it means you have built many more stone mines than you will ever need. After you have your walls to level 10, you should destroy all quarries and make them into either mines or mills.

    b.)Chasing HH at server start
    For those more experienced, and willing to spend money at the start of a server, this is a basic overview of how to capture a few HHs in the first day. You start by spending some money; $90 should do it. This will hopefully get you 2 advanced teleports, and will give you enough coins to buy your way to baronet (so you can persuade the HH you capture.) You start by building your Inn to level 5, your Feasting Hall to level 2, and raising your Town Hall to level 5 as fast as you can. Use your speedups that you have. This will get you out of battle protection, allow you to have an empty slot for the HH you capture, and to inquire details about him in the first place. You should have a list of HHs you want to hunt (I avoid the best of the best because many people go for those and will be a race.) As you are building up your town, cycle through the wall posts and make sure you post the Cavalry one so people can start clicking on it. Go onto Facebook at this point and click on 20 different Cavalry posts to build your army. Once all of yours have been clicked, and you have done all your clicking, you should have 4k cavalry, plenty to take out a couple level 1 or 2 NPCs. Make sure you are also watching your inn for the best ATT or INT hero available and recruit him. Don't forget to have a lot of people on this new server visit you as allies to give you all those wonderful, free, resource packs.
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    After you have your town built to this, go to Folk Hearsay in your inn and search for you hero. If it says he is in a barbarian city, inquire details of the hero you want, if he turns out to be in an NPC that is level 1 or 2, advance teleport right next to it, and attack it and capture him. If it says the hero is in a flat instead of a barbarian city, it means it is already player owned, and you do not want to waste the cents inquiring about him. Directly after, build a second town in the closest low level flat you can find (don't want to waste your cav taking a high level flat.) Build up this town just like you did the first, and transport your HH and any resources you have to it, along with all the troops. Abandon the first town, and start inquiring details again about another hero. When you find another in a level 1 or 2 NPC, advance teleport again, and capture the new HH. Build another town (assuming you have enough cav left to do this a third time) and do it the same as the first to, except this time, build the feasting hall to level 3, for room for a third hero. If you do not have any more Advanced Teleports, you can just regular teleport the existing town into the state of another HH in a level 1 or 2 NPC and send a long range attack with one of your HHs (still must increase Feasting Hall to level 3 first). After you capture the third, you will probably have to wait until the next day to get more free cav and continue this process. If the 3 you have now capture is enough for your liking, or you are out of teleports, build a new town, and this time, do not upgrade the Town Hall to 5, just build the feasting hall high enough to have room for your heroes, move them, your remaining army, and your resources there and abandon the original city. This will return you into battle protection and allow you to be safe, but now with your new HHs.

    2. Using FB with Age 2
    There are many benefits to using Facebook with Age 2. There are in-game buffs, items, and units you can get from them. While there are many possible buffs, I am only going to list the ones I consider useful (and no, I don't consider PRESTIGE as useful).

    Hunger No More: 5% reduction in troop upkeep (stacks 10 times). This is my favorite post on Facebook. When you post it, and someone click, or when you click on someone else's, it counts towards 1 of the 10 stacks. If you have lots of Facebook friends that will click it, there is no need to click on others to obtain this buff

    Wild Horse: 100 cavalry for clicking on another's, or 200 cavalry for someone else clicking on yours. You should at least post this, if not click on other people's as well to collect these freebies, especially when new to a server.

    Legendary Bard: Clicking on this will get you a War Horn. This is a 20% attack bonus for your troops that lasts 24 hours. This is an item in your inventory that you must apply, but you can save it if you want. I make sure to have this active at all times

    Discovered an Artifact: Clicking this will get you a holy water. Holy water allows you to redistribute a heroes attributes. Any time you recruit a new hero, you should redistribute, so you will need many of these (requires 1 for every 10 levels the hero is)

    Caught a Wanted Criminal: Clicking on this will give you a speech text. Speech texts automatically clear any public grievance as well as increasing loyalty to 100. These aren't great early in the game, but later, when you are in a strong alliance and someone is trying to capture your city, one click of this can really help. I try to keep 100 on hand at all times (also another inventory item)

    Pestilence: When you post this and someone else clicks it, you get a penicillin. This is a great item to have because it will increase your wounded by 30%, meaning you can heal that many more after a battle. This lasts a week, but someone has to like you to waste one of their 20 clicks on it.

    Uprising: When someone clicks this, you gain 3% attack, 5% defense, and 3 leadership to all of our heroes for 8 hours. This stacks 10 times. It only counts when other people click YOUR post, so once again, people better like you because they get nothing in return. This is an amazing buff to have

    As for gifting from Facebook, I like to receive the following, based upon how built up and my current needs in the server I am playing.

    Minor Speedup Pack: this is a Beginner Guidelines that speeds up building by 15 minutes. It is good in the first few days of the game, as well as right after you conqueror an NPC Historic City and need to build it up before the 24 hour truce is over.

    Minor Fortune Pack: This is an Aries Amulet and allows you one free spin of the wheel. This is the gift I use by default when I have no other needs at the time. Most wheel spins are awful, but hey, I can keep hoping right?

    Any Reinforcement Packs: These should only be sent by people playing the same server as you, because they can get downgraded otherwise. Also, if you can't send the type of pack you receive, it will be downgraded as well.

    All of your Facebook friends on your server should be added as allies as well. This allows them to visit your kingdom and give you free resource packs in the process. You receive free resource packs for visiting them as well.
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    3. Recruiting Heroes
    Early in the game, I am not extremely picky with the heroes I take, but as the game goes on, I get pickier and pickier, because the heroes I am taking the, will be there for good.

    When I am new on a server, I generally shop around for heroes who fit the following equation (Main Stat - Level) > 55. By the time I am able to bally farm an NPC, that 55 becomes a 60. When I am ready to conquer a level 8 NPC, the 60 becomes a 65.

    Now is when it gets really picky. After I have taken a 10, and I have my Queen/King, I get really picky. I look for Attack heroes who have high Intellect values as well. What I look for is the following ((Attack + Intelligence) - Level) >= 120. This is a much rarer find, but this is what I hunt for.

    4. Upgrading Title and Rank (Acquiring more cities)
    After you get your first town running, it is time to start your second one. With the items you get while running through the initial quests, you should receive enough medals to make your first Rank/Title upgrade. Doing this allows you to own 1 more city. Every time you upgrade your TITLE, you are able to obtain another city, all the way until you are a prinzessin and can hold 10 cities at a time.

    Now, your first city is an all-purpose city, but none of your future ones should be. You should, at this point, determine what style of player you will be. Will you be a player that always sits at 0 food with monster armies, pops a couple resource packs to send out a small attack to farm a level 8 NPC, so you can have the food to send out a big attack or queue troops, or do you want to keep your food levels above 0 for all towns at all times. Deciding this question will determine if you want to have any Farm towns or now. A farm town will consist of 40 farms with a level 10 Town Hall, and all 10 of your valleys will be level 9 or 10 lakes. This makes your food production the highest possible, but again, if you don't mind sitting at 0 food, you will be more resourceful and have larger supplies of Iron/Lumber for your troops.

    Let's assume you don't want to sit at 0 food all the time. This means I would make the next city a Lumber town. In a lumber town, I make 40 Mills (level 9) with a level 10 Town Hall (TH) and have 10 level 9 or 10 forests as my valleys.

    In the town portion of this city, you want to get a barracks to level 9 fast, and have the technologies required for making Ballistas and Transports complete so you can build your NPC farming army. You will start with farming level 1 NPCs, but your goal is to farm level 5 NPCs. Before your techs are leveled up completely, I would plan on having 600 Ballistas and Transports to farm them. As your archery and Military Tradition levels go up, your Ballista requirement will go down, and as your logistics tech goes up, your transports requirement will go down.

    By the time you have farmed enough medals to make your next rank, you will hopefully also be strong enough to capture a level 8 NPC (make sure you have the "Queen" or "King" quest to conquer a level 8 city before doing this.) To get a level 8 NPC close to you, conquer a level 8 flat adjacent to one of your towns, build a city on it, and abandon it. The space where the city you built was, should now be a level 8 NPC city. To conquer a level 8 NPC, put all of your heroes in Wiseman's gear. Your first attack should be 90k or 100k warriors (depending on your rally spot level) warriors. This should be followed by 8 other waves of 20k warriors each in 20-30 second intervals. You keep sending 20k warriors over and over again until the loyalty reaches 0 (can be seen in battle reports) and the city is yours. This will be your first farm city but don't build it up much because you will replace it with the level 10 NPC you will conquer next.

    The easiest way to do this to conquer a level 10 flat adjacent to one of your cities, build a new city on it, and abandon it. Doing so will leave a level 10 NPC right next to you (which will disappear at server maintenance overnight). This means that you should not abandon the city, until the day you are ready to conquer the level 10. To conquer the level 10 city, you should have Combat Technologies to level 10 (with the exception of compass still being at 9.) Once you have your heroes above 250 Attack, then you can research compass to level 10. First wave against the level 10 NPC city should be 2k Warriors and Workers, 4k scouts, and 92k archers. Following this wave, you should have 8 other waves ready to go in 20-30 second intervals of 10k warriors and archers. Completing this quest will give you your Queen or King as a reward, and this is a wonderful hero to have.
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    5. Gear and Star levels
    This is probably the biggest pain in the rear in the entire game. That is because Evony straight up lies to you about star level percentages, and the ?Free Forever? in their game title, is only if you want to be a second or third tier player. Inevitably, leveling up your gear will cost real money. There is no truly viable way to level your gear without buying Wood, Iron Ore, Gemstone, Thoroughbreds, and Fabric required to level up the armor.

    That being said, if you choose to undertake this, you should never EVER use any gems (delicate or flawless) until your armor is level 10. This is because every time you level it up, the star level goes down one and you have to redo it. These gems you earn will be very handy in the future once your gear is leveled though. Leveling gear does have a cooldown to keep people from obtaining full level 10 gear the first day a server opens. I believe in about 3 weeks you can achieve full level 10 gear though, at which point, you begin to star it with the gems you saved. If you ARE spending money on materials, do not by them individually. By the chests in the Evony store under the ?chest? tab, and you will have a better return for your money.

    Now assuming you wish to wait to star your gear until level 10, but do not wish to spend money on it, you better have your farming panties on. The only place to farm materials needed to level up gear, is in valleys, and the drop rate may as well be non-existent. You can also win materials on the wheel of fortune, but that is fairly rare as well. In addition to materials, you need 1 Lost Armor Script for every level after level 2 gear, and they drop in NPC farming, as well as the wheel, or in the Evony store for 8 cents ($0.80 American).

    Now to starring your gear. After you have your armor to level 10, it is time to star it up. First of all, don?t trust the percentages that they post. They are wrong; It is not a statistical anomaly if you fail, with a 95% chance to succeed, 5 times in a row, it is Evony screwing you. But it is ok, we have all come to accept it now.

    This is how I level my gear. I go 1 item at a time, and make sure that all items are within 1 star level of each other; Meaning, if my highest level item is 11 stars, my lowest will be 10 stars (if not also 11). Sooooooo, first I make all items 1 star, then I start to make all items 2 stars, if one fails, I get it back to 1 and then go to 2 again.

    I carry on with this method regardless of what level my gear is. If I am at 10 stars, trying to reach 11 stars, I use my 4 Flawless Gems, and watch it fail, at which point, I level it back to 10 stars again. If you do not have enough gems to be 99% sure you can get it back to where it started if you fail, you should not attempt leveling it.

    What I believe is best to use depending on the Star Level being attempted
    Stars 1-3: 1 Delicate Gem
    Stars 4-6: 4 Delicate Gems
    Stars 7-15: 4 Flawless Gems

    6. Battle Mechanics (Very Detailed)
    This section is mostly copied and pasted from a guide I previously wrote, but I went back and corrected/added a few things to it as well.

    Introduction: Before you know what ideally to attack with in Evony, you should have an idea of how the combat mechanics work. This will help you decide how many troops and of what type to send when you attack, and will help determine what type of defense you want to set up. Now some enemies have cookie cutter attacks such as a level 5 NPC can EASILY go down with 500 ballistae without taking any losses (assuming high level tech levels), but when you start looking at enemies such as a Level 10 or Level 12 NPC or above, then you have to look at what to send to minimize losses and maximize effectivity.
    With this, you should hopefully be able to work out an attack (or know that you can't yet) no matter your hero size, army size, technology levels, etc...

    Scouting is the first and most important step to setting up a good attack. Without knowing what the enemy has, you will never be able to effectively setup a counter to what he has. By knowing what type of units and how many of each he has, as well as his tech levels (for most servers any good enemy will have level 10 tech levels by now, but not always the case) you can setup a solid counter.

    Now to get a good scouting report, first of all you better have enough scouts to break through any defending scouts (only applicable in PvP, barbarian cities have no scouts and you can just send 1 scout if you like.) Also make sure to send a hero, preferably one with high intelligence rating to help improve your scouting. The third thing, is that the level of your Beacon Tower from the town which you scouting originates plays a factor in how well your scouting does. And the 4th and most important is your Informatics technology level (this is one of the cheapest and easiest techs to reach level 10 and should be done so early in your civilization.)
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    Combat Movement
    Once you have a sizeable army built, it is time to start attacking. Keep in mind to always save enough army to defend against retaliation and ambushes. You don't want to go off to war and lose 95% of your army to win, just to have someone sneak in right behind you and grab what you worked so hard on.
    The first step to understanding what to send is understanding how troops move, when they stop, who they attack, how much damage they do, how much they take, etc... Everyone should have a table of unit base characteristics as well as a table that includes modifications based upon technologies (all equations I use later are based on base stats and include tech level in the equation.) The key stats to know the modified value of your units are the Speed and Range (which are exactly what they sound like.) Speed is how fast your troops move across the field, and Range is how far beyond their current position they can attack. Below is a table that accounts for level 10 compass (100% boost to infantry speed) and level 10 Horseback Riding (HBR - 50% increase to mounted and mech speed)

    The first unit to move in combat is the melee unit with the fastest modified speed. If both players have equally fast units, the defender moves first. The unit that moves, moves its complete distance or until bump, whichever comes first. i.e. 10,000 cavalry with level 10 HBR will move 1500 spots on the map or until it comes into contact with an enemy. Bump is when a unit runs into an enemy unit. Assume your cavalry are moving forward, but enemy warriors are only 1100 spots ahead of you, therefore your cavalry will only move 1100 spots and the warriors, when it is their turn to move, will not move at all since they are already at bump range. The exception to this movement rule is scouts and transports. They will not move forward and attack unless all other combat units are already dead, or were not preset to begin with.

    Note: Ranged units are also an exception to this rule. Archers will move their 500 spaces (with compass 10) if they are not in attack range of any enemy units. If they are in attack range, they "stand and shoot." This means that as long as they can hit something without moving at all, they will hold their ground and shoot (see targeting under Combat Fighting section)

    The standard starting field size is 200 units longer than the BASE range of the longest ranged unit on either side. Archers have 1200 base range so if they have the largest range on the field to start the battle, the field size will be 1400. The exception to this rule is if there are any Traps/Abatis/Defensive Trebuchets on the field, if so, the field size starts at 5200.

    Note: Fighting does not occur until all units have moved, but where the units before them moves, can alter how far other units move.

    Combat Fighting
    After units move, they begin to attack each other. This is the second of 3 phases in each round. (1. Move 2. Attack 3. Remove Dead). The first unit to attack will be the fastest speed melee units on the field (tie still goes to defender.) Melee units will attack the first units they get to. If they run into multiple enemy types at the same location, they will attack the closest enemy, and the if multiple are at the same range, they will attack the enemy with the highest combined attack (Base Attack * Number of Units). This is why the rainbow can be so very effective (see Layering section.)

    Ranged units (Archers, Ballistae, and Catapults) work differently. If AT's are in range, this will always be their target, regardless of how many there are. If no AT's are in range, they will attack the highest combined-attack ranged units from the enemy army that is in range. If no enemy ranged units are in range of your archers, but melee units are, the archers will shoot the fastest speed unit first.

    Note: Remember that if Ranged are in range of ANYTHING, they will not move. Ranged will not move to get to higher priority targets, they will just shoot at the highest priority target that is already in range.

    IMPORTANT: All units have the opportunity to fight. If enemy cavalry decimate all of your archers, all of your archers still get to take one last attack before being removed as dead fodder.

    Enemy Fortified Range
    This is a short section but VERY IMPORTANT. Enemies that you fight at their city will have increased range of approximately 4.5% per wall level, so with level 10 walls, enemies will gain a range bonus of 45% and this adds just like the archery range bonus. AT's have 2535 Range and Archers have 2340 Range while defending with level 10 walls and level 10 archery

    NPC Respawn Rates and PvP Heal Rates
    This section shows the importance of timing your wave well. Timing waves well can be easily achieved through Camp Time (last section of this guide). The respawn rate for NPC units in Evony is 1/3600 per second. Assume that the NPC had 100k warriors and you cleared them. If you come back in 45 seconds, you will find that there are now (45/3600)*100,000 warriors in the city (1,250 warriors). If you came back an hour later all 100,000 will have respawned. This is why you need to time your attacks well. On a scale of 100k warriors it is a non-issue but when you look at taking a level 12 NPC, there is 1,120,000 warrior, 162k swords, 100k cavalry, etc... and they will all respawn at this rate. This becomes an even larger issue when taking a 14 and above.

    Note: If the enemy has 200k cavalry and you only kill 125k of them, the respawn rate is still base upon the 200k cavalry number, not off the 125k that you killed. So if you came back 1 minute later with your next attack wave, you will find the 75k remaining cavalry that you didn't kill plus (60/3600)*200,000 cavalry in the town. The respawn will continue until they unit reaches its original number.

    In PvP attacks, there is no respawn time. Players get heal rates instead, and in PvP this is inversely based upon your honor. The more honor you have, the lower your heal rate is. The heal rate varies anywhere between 10% and 50% healable casualties.

    Layering (Rainbow)
    Hopefully after reading the combat movement section, it started making you think of layering. The thought that "if I send 1k pikeman, can they occupy a 100k cavalry for a round", delaying him from reaching your 99k archers you sent with him, essentially giving them an entire extra round of shooting. This one round of shooting can inflict around 60,000 cavalry kills with a 200 Attack, 100 Leadership hero. Without a single pikeman making the cavalry stop for one more turn before reaching your archers, the 100k cavalry would reach your 99k archers reducing the archers damage to 15,400 cavalry kills (see range effects on archer in Attack equation section) and the cavalry inflicting enough damage to kill 196,000 archers (a complete loss.) Layering 98k archers with 1k swordsman and 1k pikeman vs. the same 100,000 cavalry will buy your archers 2 free shots, because one unit type can only attack one unit type per round (i.e. cavalry can attack pikes or swords in one round, but not both.) Below are examples of no layers, bad layering, good layering, and the occasional need to send a bomb wave (this will reduce an enemy unit enough to kill it in less rounds, improving your movements relative to enemy movements)

    Note: There are 2 reasons you do not want to send just 1 unit layers instead of the 1-2k that are generally done: First is enemy Traps/Abatis/DTs will generally kill that single unit before he layers anything. Secondly is Spread Damage. Spread Damage is the idea that if one unit type killing another is SO overkill, that it will actually hit 2 unit types in a single round. The exact amount of overkill is unknown for sure still, but the generally accepted rule is 100x overkill, expect spread damage.
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    Attack Equation and Derivation
    Can be found in Birtle's post titled "Combat Calculator." Combat Calculator

    I don't want to blatantly steal from him

    Traps and Wall defenses and Suicide Waves
    Wall defenses all follow different rules.

    Archer Towers - They cannot move, and they are the first units targeted when other range can reach them. They do decent damage and are the only wall defense that can attack more than one time without being rebuilt or repaired through techs. These should primarily be used in a compact defense (no 5k range wall defenses present)

    Defensive Trebuchets and Logs seems to be fairly useless wall defenses to me. I keep 500 defensive trebs on my walls as an additional range setter, but I doubt they actually do any good

    Traps and Abatis are unpredictable wall defenses but some of the best out there. They take up the least wall spaces an offer many kills as well as expanding the field size to 5200 spaces. They also do decent damage. I generally fill my walls with decent amounts of these and only these in my 5200 range towns.

    Suicide waves are used to destroy enemy traps or weaken enemy units. The generally accepted suicide wave will be 1k warriors + 1k cavalry (to clear traps/abatis) and will be sent with garbage heroes.

    AeroCalc v2.2 and instructions

    Now this is probably the part most people have been looking for. I doubt many care about the battle mechanics etc? but it all went into coding this thing up in excel. I know it has been a while since I released on of these, but I got tired of getting hit by people using it, and people taking NPCs I wanted while using it.

    Click for AeroCalc Instructions

    I do not currently have the single wave version or the older excel version and will not have them for at least a week

    This version works the same as the previous, but does so better. All inputs are done on the ?Main? tab. Areas in purple should only be touched at your own risk.

    The values for the currently setup sheet seems to work well with the following values for NPC ATT/INT

    12 - 110/500
    14 - 150/800
    16 - 200/1100
    18 - 300/1650

    The leadership is SUPPOSED to be 100,000 for these, to signify no loss of effectivity for their large armies.
    In PvP I use the actual values I find in the statistics page and it comes out fairly accurate.

    For further instruction on how to use this, see one of the previous posts. This post is getting long enough already

    7. Hero Leveling
    Once you and your army are established, and you are ready to power level your heroes, the following is what I do.

    From level 1-70, I level them in Wiseman?s Gear, attacking level 8 NPC, with 1k Transports and 89k+ Warriors (max depending on rally spot)

    From level 70-100, I level them in Attack Gear, against level 10 NPC, with 2k warriors/workers/6k scouts/1800 transports/88,200 Archer (or more if from an HC)

    Pretty simple and straight forward.
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    8. Farming Medals/Gems
    Gems: The cheapest and easiest way is to farm level 5 NPC with your ballista waves. If you don?t care about the resources and just care about gems, you can send the ballista waves at NPCs every 15 minutes and still get gems from them sometimes. I generally find the 9 closest NPC5 to each of my towns and constantly send bally waves at them to farm gems

    Medals are a little different:

    Cross/Rose/Lion: I farm these in level 1-3 Valleys. Some people say to farm specific types or with specific losses etc? but I have not noticed a difference in drop rates yet (long term). To farm a valley, Send attacks to land every 10 seconds or so. Once it hits (and captures) the valley, quickly abandon it before the next attack hits so that all the respawns are there. Do this until you are bored or until you have the desired amount of medals.

    Honor: I farm these in level 4 NPCs mostly with my ballista waves.

    Courage/Wisdom/Freedom: I farm these in level 5 NPCs with ballista waves

    Justice/Nation: These are the hardest and most expensive to get. The easiest way I found was to attack a level 10 NPC with a normal Hero Leveling wave, and then follow that 100k warriors that will and every 4 minutes afterwards. Any less than 4 minutes and you lower the drop rate, and more than 4 minutes and you increase losses that you will suffer.

    9. Achievements Worth Fighting For
    The Captive: Capture 100 heroes. This will give you a 25% reduction in resource cost of queuing infantry. This is worth doing. The easiest way is to colonize some inactives and Sow Discord their (usually crappy) heroes. If they are no good, release them and do it more the next day. This is a fast and easy achievement to get.

    Booty: Acquire 100 items from war. This will give you a 25% reduction in resource cost of queuing cavalry. This should just come naturally through time. Gems and Medals are items acquired.

    Medal Acquisition: Complete all 45 medal achievements. This is a very hard one to do, especially on new servers, but the further along you get on it, the better off you will be. This lowers the siege weapon queue cost.

    Colonize: Colonize 400 cities. Sounds harder than it really is. Find <1k prestige towns near you, declare on them, colonize them, recall before suppression, and colonize again after suppression battle is lost by you. Keep doing this until you hit 400. This will increase treasure drop by 10% (huge boost)

    Enemy Killing: This will come over time too, but this will increase your wounded percentage after battle. I haven?t noticed it working, but haven?t seen anyone comment on it yet either.
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    10. Town Development (after first town)

    General City Layout
    The following is what I consider a good town to consist of:
    1 Embassy
    1 Feasting Hall
    1 Rally Spot
    1 Relief Station
    1 Academy
    1 Workshop
    1 Beacon Tower
    Iron Town (8 cottages), Lumber Town (6 Cottages) Farm Town (5 Cottages)
    17-20 Barracks

    1 Town will be the exception because it will have a market and an Inn

    5200 Defense
    This is the general defense used. I make my wall defenses Abatis mostly, mixed with traps/DTs (to a lesser extent.) Abatis are the most cost efficient to have killed as a defender since it takes cav to break them. In a 5200 defense, it is not recommended to leave Cavalry or Cataphracts in them. A nice backup in case all of your T/A/D are cleared, is to add 1 catapult to keep the range 1700 (safe from cav bombs.)

    Compact Defense
    A compact defense will have no T/A/D, no Bally, and no Catapults. This is where I store all of my Cavalry and Phracts. I only have 1 city with this type of setup. My only wall defense is 18,333 ATs. I also store my normal compliment of archers and layers here as well. As long as you have ATs up, your archers are defended from enemy ranged. And your cavalry will move before anything the enemy has unless he sends a scout bomb (wave purely consisting of scouts).

    11. Being a Suzerain/Suz'd
    Short section here: If you are a suzerain, remember to set your suppression settings low if you want to keep your army. If you are suzerain?d, do the following:

    Tear down your academy, workshop, beacon tower, and wall defenses. Leave your alliance. Have someone big from your alliance ?colonize? you and wipe the enemies army. Now uprise and be free. Rejoin your alliance.

    There are other methods slightly easier but i think they may be against the TOS, so i wont include them
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    12. Typical HC combo layering
    This is for wave composition, not for the number of waves required. It is also meant for single unit type kill, not transition from 1 unit type to another mid-combat (same wave)

    When I say Max (whatever unit), I am saying the most your rally spot allows and your hero has the leadership to control

    Archers are the only thing that you kill that sending larger waves increases effectivity. If you have a limited supply of >100 leadership heroes, send them in archer killing waves

    12 and 14

    Kill Cav: 76k Warrior/24k Pike
    Kill Archers: Pure Max Archers
    Kill Swords: 2k Workers/Warriors + Max Archers
    Kill Warrios: 2k Worker/Warriors/Pikes/Swords + 25 Rams + Max Archers
    Kill Rams: 2k Worker/Warriors/Pikes/Swords + 25 Rams + Max Archers

    Kill Cav: 76k Warrior/24k Pike
    Kill Pikes: 2k Worker/Warriors/Pikes/Swords + 25 Rams + Max Archers
    Kill Archers: 2k Warriors + Max Archers
    Kill Warriors: 2k Worker/Warriors/Pikes/Swords + 25 Rams + Max Archers
    Kill Rams: 2k Worker/Warriors/Pikes/Swords + 25 Rams + Max Archers

    16 and 18

    Kill Phracts: Max Pikes
    Kill Archers: Max Achers (Must be spread out. Cannot hit same second. Need Respawns.)
    Kill Swords: 2k Workers/Warriors + Max Archers
    Kill Warriors: 2k Worker/Warrior/Pikes/Swords + Max Archers (Must be spread out. Cannot hit same second. Need Respawns.)
    Kill Pults: Max Pure Scouts

    Kill Phracts: Max Pikes
    Kill Pikes: 2k Warriors/Pikes + 4k Cavalry + Max Archers
    Kill Archers: 2k Warrior + Max Archers Archers (Must be spread out. Cannot hit same second. Need Respawns.)
    Kill Warriors: 2k Worker/Warrior/Pikes/Swords + Max Archers (Must be spread out. Cannot hit same second. Need Respawns.)
    Kill Pults: Max Pure Scouts
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    13. Camp Time
    Through Camp Time you can coordinate attacks from all over the map. This will allow you to attack a location that is 2 miles away from one city and 120 miles away from another and time the attack so that they hit within seconds of each other. Keep in mind that attacking from 120 miles away using camp time is good for a single set of waves from that city, but it will still take way too long to get a second set of attacks off.

    A misconception that is common about camp time are the following: The attacks will land at the server time it shows it should. As of right now, the camp time attacks are based on your computer's clock and not the server time. If it shows the attack will land at 17:34:53, the attack will land when your computer clock shows that time, not when the server time shows that time.

    For coordinating alliance attacks, you should always test your lag as well. To do this, attack a random NPC or valley with a singe scout, and note what time it is supposed to land, either on the Rally Spot attack page, or in your army movement reports. After it lands, compare the time it was supposed to hit, to the time it actually hit (found on in your battle reports) and calculate and compensate your lag by this.

    Thanks for helping me gain this knowledge: Spawn, Satan, Birtles, Asmo, Woldere, X~Calibur (sure im missing a few)
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