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    Arrow General FAQs

    1. What is Civony?
    Civony is a TOTALLY FREE massively multiplayer online browser-based strategy game developed by UMGE.

    2. What are Browser Games (Web Games)?
    Browser Games are electronic games that are played on web browsers. They are distinct from other video and computer games in that they typically do not require any client side software to be installed, apart from the web browser. There are games that rely solely on client-side technologies such as JavaScript or common plugins such as Java or Flash Player, whereas some employ server-side scripting. The latter case consists typically of (massive) multiplayer games, whereas the client-side games are typically single-player games. A game played in a browser is often called a browser-based game.

    3. How can I play Civony?
    Civony runs in most modern browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. And you need Adobe Flash Player 9 or above version.

    4. How to create my own account?
    You can create a new account just with your email address and choose a Lord Name for your ingame character.

    5. Have login problems?
    Check your network connection and pay attention to the maintenance notice on Forum whenever you have problems with login.

    6. Is Civony difficult to play?
    Civony provides a detailed Guidance throughout the game in order to help beginners(Beginner Guidance Part 1, Beginner Guidance Part 2, Beginner Guidance Part 3) to get on hand quickly and easily.

    7. How to add fund?
    Civony is a TOTALLY FREE game to play but some ingame Items which help players develop faster and better will be charged. Players may enter the game and click the button "Add Fund" in "Shop" to start this process.

    8. Can Civony provide an instant delivery after I add fund?
    We only accept Paypal for Civony Billing System for its safety and convenience. Once your payment is confirmed, system will automatically delivery Civony Game Coins (CGC) to your account immediately. If you have another billing question, please contact us by using our online Contact Customer Support Service here or send email to:
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