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Thread: January 7: Display Updates, Strategem Fix and more

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    Default January 7: Display Updates, Strategem Fix and more

    Here are the most recent game updates:

    January 7th

    Age II Client
    • Fixed: We corrected a display error that would sometimes show star level chances over 100%.
    • Fixed: When attacking Historic Cities via the map, the button would sometimes appear grayed out if the owner was in Holiday mode. It will now always appear lit up.
    • New: A prompt has been added when changing a player's portrait and gender to inform the player that this can only be done once.

    Age II World
    • Fixed: Players can no longer use experience gain items on heroes at their max level.
    • Fixed: There is now a cooldown before players can be affected by the strategem Ambush From All Sides after they use Advance by a Hidden Path.
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    WOW. About time on the Cooldown of Ambush from All sides...... Kinda sux to be trying to cap an enemy HC and getting hit with them every half second

    Good job
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    nice. i like breathing a sigh of relief after i use my adv by hidden path. its not wasted when half an alliance comes after
    just how long is the cool down?
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    so you guys implemented the picture/gender change for age 2 but not for age 1?????

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    Nice! About time for the ambush cooldown.
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    ageII is still down?????

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    NA29 been down for almost 1hour and a half.

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    Default Na 29

    Also why is it the same GM, same forums mod that post the same thing? o have played since age 1 server 6 and have offered my assistance meny times and no reply to the extra help
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    >.< anyone know how long it takes???? T_T

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    IS NA29 being fixed, these are teh crucial times in the beginning of the server that people make or break alliances.. How long is it going to be before its up, i've been trying to log in for over and hour.


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