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Thread: January 7: Display Updates, Strategem Fix and more

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    Default servers should merge

    alot of the lower servers are dieing off do to lack of enemies and ppl are quiting due to that situation evony should look at a way to merge Age 2 servers to enhance the fun and bring new hostiles but it would have to be done where everyone kept their Historic Cities
    From servers ss7; 96; 127; and NA8

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    Could there please be a fix to the players who are selling there Historic Hero's through pay pal or wherever. Suggestion of Having all the Historic Hero's Locked to a Lv12 Hcity? If the player does not control the Lv12, the do not keep the hero. Something! I have received numerous Price sheets from players who have left the server or are just selling to receive a profit. This is getting really old when you have the players that are completely happy with a single hhero.

    This was received recently from another player on my server:

    : I have some HH's for sale... Also selling some LVL 14 HC's built up all LVL 9 racks and buildings LVL10 all are Iron/Lumber HC's if intersted message me.
    : Margaret Tudor pol-95 Att-65 Intel-75
    Peter The Great Pol-96 Att-56 Intel-76
    John of Portugal LVL147 Pol-84 Att-40 Intel-55
    Rani Rudrama Devi LVL134 Pol-85 Att-33 Intel-80
    Empress Matilda LVL120 Pol-81 Att-34 Intel-60
    Brunhilde Pol-45 Att-87 Intel-65
    Robert Guiscard Pol-34 Att-78 Intel-60
    Girat De Roussillon Pol-55 Att-85 Intel-70
    Paracelsus Pol-78 Att-60 Intel-97
    Pepin the Short LVL128 POl-81 Att-30 Intel-54
    Zhu Zhanji LVL132 Pol-88 Att-40 Intel-65
    Michaelangelo LVL134 Pol-75 Att-65 Intel-91
    Eric of Denmark LVL128 Pol-81 Att-42 Intel-56
    Amanieu de Sescars LVL108 Pol-65 Att-18 Intel-80
    John Wycliffe LVL142 Pol-58 Att-75 Intel-90
    Elizabeth I Pol-98 Att-32 Intel-90
    Toyotomi Hideyoshi Pol-41 Att-85 Intel-64
    Qianlong Pol-32 Att-86 Intel-75
    Zorayda LVL120 Pol-34 Att-80 Intel-56
    Francis De Lorraine Pol-21 Att-84 Intel-63
    Louis The Pious LVL138 Pol-35 Att-84 Intel-75
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post

    Here are the most recent game updates:

    January 7th

    Age II Client
    • Fixed: We corrected a display error that would sometimes show star level chances over 100%.
    • Fixed: When attacking Historic Cities via the map, the button would sometimes appear grayed out if the owner was in Holiday mode. It will now always appear lit up.
    • New: A prompt has been added when changing a player's portrait and gender to inform the player that this can only be done once.

    Age II World
    • Fixed: Players can no longer use experience gain items on heroes at their max level.
    • Fixed: There is now a cooldown before players can be affected by the strategem Ambush From All Sides after they use Advance by a Hidden Path.

    Should have a cooldown for besiege too!!!!

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