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Thread: The Forums: FAQs and Guide to Getting Started

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    Default The Forums: FAQs and Guide to Getting Started

    Forum Overview

    Where can I find the forum rules?
    Click here to be acquainted with it. Take it to heart; it'll help you in the long run.

    While you're there, you might as well check out the In-Game Rules. They usually help you understand the game and the forum content better, as well as being able to respond more appropriately to queries by other forum members.
    How do I find stuff on the forums?
    Use the Advanced Search feature of the forums:
    Refer to this thread for tips on how to use it more efficiently.
    How can I make better posts?
    To be frank, the only thing you need to do is to be respectful of other forum members and have fun while still trying to follow the forum rules. If you want a more detailed explanation, click here.
    What are prefixes and why should I use them?
    Prefixes help in sorting out threads. For instance, in the Help & Questions forum, there used to be no prefixes and this caused much confusion when Age I players tried to help someone who turns out to be an Age II player and vice-versa. With prefixes in place, one can distinguish which thread is for which Evony age, and players get faster, more reliable answers.
    When a prefix selection is present before the title field when you're posting a new thread, use it!

    Posting Permissions, Forum Titles, and Forum Account FAQs

    I'm new and I want to post a new thread, but it says I don't have permission. Why is this and what do I have to do to post one?
    Back in 2010, new forum permissions were implemented and newly-registered people were given the forum title "Civilian" (like yours!), which lets them post replies to open threads, but restricts them from making new threads. However, Civilians are allowed to make new threads in the Help & Questions sub-forum.
    This was in part done to combat spambots and to encourage new members to search first before posting.

    Getting to the title "Knight" will remove this restriction for the other areas of the forum. To get there, you need 15 posts. However, refrain from spamming. Otherwise, you'll get infracted.

    Already with 15 posts but still no Knight title?
    Just wait for the forums to tick over and you'll have your proper title (and the limitations of Civilian lifted) in no time.
    I am no longer new and I have more than 15 posts, but I can neither post a new thread nor replies?
    There are several possibilities.
    1. You are trying to post in a locked thread. You'll know it's locked if it has this at the top and bottom: .
    2. You are trying to post in a thread that is already in the archives.
    3. You are trying to post in the Evony - News section.
    My title isn't included in the new titles list. Did I do something wrong? How do I get a new one?
    Relax! This isn't a bug and no, you didn't do something wrong. It just means you haven't been back on the forums since the new titles were implemented, and hence you are stuck with the old one. Just start posting normally again and wait for the forums to tick over and update your title. It will change on its own after a while. (:
    I'm new. Why don't I have a forum title?
    You probably haven't activated your forum account yet. Go to the email address you registered with in this forum and look for the activation mail that was sent to you. (Be sure to check your spam folder if it's not in your Inbox.)
    Not there? Click here to resend the activation mail.
    What requirements are needed to reach a certain forum title?
    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum Leap View Post
    Civilian: Your default title upon registering. Starting post: 0.
    Knight: You need a minimum of 15 posts.
    Baronet You need a minimum of 50 posts and should be a member of the forums for 30 days.
    Baron: You need a minimum of 100 posts and 60 days (2 months) on the forums.
    Viscount: You need a minimum of 200 posts and 90 days (3 months) on the forums.
    Earl: You need a minimum of 350 posts and 120 days (4 months) on the forums.
    Marquis: You need a minimum of 600 posts and 150 days (5 months) on the forums.
    Duke: You need a minimum of 1000 posts, 180 days (6 months) on the forums, and 200 reputation points.
    Furstin: You need a minimum of 1500 posts, 9 months on the forums, and 300 reputation points.
    Prinzessin: You need a minimum of 3000 posts, 1 year on the forums, and 400 reputation points.

    You get extra perks (permissions/privileges) as your title goes up.
    Where do I change my forum account password or email address?
    Go to your User CP, and on the left side panel under Settings & Options, select Edit Email & Password.
    You can also use this link
    I am done with the forums! Can you please cancel/delete my account?!
    So soon?
    No can do. Forum members' accounts are never deleted unless it is absolutely necessary. And though we'd hate to see you go, the only option you have if you really want to leave is never to come back and visit us again (but we doubt that).

    Gaming and Game Account Help FAQs

    I need game assistance / I have an in-game issue. Where do I get help?
    • The first step is to search for your problem on the forums.
    • If it doesn't turn up in the search results, post your question in the Help & Questions section. Other players like you may lend you some insight on your problem and help you solve it.
    • If that doesn't do it and the problem persists, proceed to the next question.
    Can a moderator help me fix this problem?
    Technically, moderators and senior moderators can't help you fix your in-game issue. They can only help you if it involves the forums.
    Other than that, mods usually just advise you to follow the procedure in filing a complaint or reporting a person/bug in the game via Evony's very own Helpspot / Help Center here:
    Where do I find game guides?
    You will find them in this sub-forum: Game Guides and FAQs. Click here for the complete list of all the helpful guides ever submitted.
    I have a suggestion to improve the game. Where do I post it?
    You can use the Game Suggestion Box sub-forum to post it. Alternatively, you can also visit the official Evony Feedback Forum and submit it there.
    Where do I get information about all the servers' opening and merge dates?
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    Default Quick Links!

    Reputation and Infractions FAQs

    I always see people saying "+rep". What is this?
    Reputation is that nifty row of tiny blocks which you see underneath your post count in each post you make. In a nutshell, rep is one of the ways other members give feedback to your post. Your rep bars can either be gray, green, or red.
    For a more detailed discussion about rep, click here.
    What's "red rep"?
    Red rep is negative reputation. Red rep deducts points from the total positive (green) rep count of the recipient. Forum members can't give negative rep to another member (Duke+ used to be able to red-rep, but this privilege has since been taken away.
    Only Admins, Representatives, Super Moderators, Moderators, and Historical Posters can give them now. Mods and Super Mods can't remove negative rep. Only Representatives and Admins can do that.
    For more information, refer to the link included in the above question about "+rep".
    What is a "warning" or "infraction"?
    An infraction (red) is a disciplinary action taken against you if you ever break a rule or misbehave [badly] in the forums.
    A warning (yellow) is issued first to you if you're not a habitual rule-breaker or if it's not a very serious offense. A repeated offense may earn you an infraction.

    Each infraction has an equivalent point depending on the degree of your offense. They can either be just one point, four, or even 100. Infraction points (excluding 100-point ones) expire after a period of time.
    How does someone get suspended/banned?
    Destructive behavior on the forums usually result in suspensions/bans. Infractions usually precede a suspension/ban. For instance, a four-point infraction suspends you for a day, and a 100-point infraction bans a user from the forums.
    Suspensions are temporary bans that can range from a day to a week, depending on the severity of the deed.
    Bans are permanent. Basically, it's the end of your forum account. Or as davemata said:
    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    A ban means you're gone. Do not pass go, do not collect $1,000,000,000.
    Who can give/lift infractions, suspensions, and bans?
    Admins, Representatives, SuperMods, and Mods can give you warnings/infractions. They can also remove/lift this if there had been a mistake or the reason for it is justifiable. This rarely happens though.
    Do note that publicly discussing the disciplinary actions taken against you or another forum member is a no-no and may subject you to another infraction.

    If you want to contest the infraction given you or if you have an issue with a certain moderator, feel free to report him/her to Dawnseeker.
    Does an infraction decrease my positive rep count?
    No, unless a rep/admin manually deducts rep points from you alongside the given infraction.

    Screenshots, Posting Images, and Avatars & Signatures FAQs

    How do I take a screenshot?
    Follow AbstractAngel's very detailed instructions here.
    How do I include an image in my post?
    AbstractAngel's guide and the posts that follow all give details on how to do it.
    Upload your screenshot/image to any image hosting sites such as PhotoBucket or ImageShack.
    When you have the [direct] URL of the image, do the following:
    Quote Originally Posted by Quantum Leap View Post
    Use the [IMG] [/IMG] tags ... insert the url between them.

    or ...
    Step 1:

    Step 2:

    Hit OK and you're done.
    I want those cool avatars and sigs! Where do I get one?
    Just visit the Graphics, Signatures, and Avatars section and ask for one in the Signature & Avatar Factory and/or one of the numerous shops (if you can't make your own threads yet), or start a new thread with a [REQUEST] prefix. Just ask politely, be patient, and your request will be granted.
    I already have my own sig and avatar. How do I use them?
    You can follow SweetP's step-by-step instructions in this thread: Guide to uploading your Avatar and Signature. If you're still having trouble uploading it, just post a question in that same thread; some frequent visitors of that section are always there to answer them.

    Forum Leader FAQs

    What are moderators and those other fancy-colored names?
    Moderators are members who are given extra permissions to help keep the forum orderly. They are volunteers and therefore do not get any monetary compensation from the company or anybody else. Their foremost duty is to keep the forums relatively spam-free and safe to make sure that all members will have a good forum experience. They can also answer questions and give advise on Evony-related matters.
    They are hardworking individuals and are pretty cool once you get to know them. The least you could do is thank them for their efforts. (:

    To get the list of current moderators and forum leaders, click here.
    To know the difference between mods, senior mods, reps, and admins, click here.
    Where do I apply to become a moderator?
    Previously, moderators were picked by the Evony staff based on their performance in the forums. They get an invitation via PM to join the team if they get chosen.
    However, this has changed and regular forum members can now apply for the position by sending a PM to Dawnseeker here
    What about those Historic Posters? Are they like mods too?
    Used to be called Forum Guides, Historic Posters are simply those who have contributed a lot to the community, are very knowledgeable, know their way around the forums, and who go out of their way to help other forum members. However, they do not have extra powers like those of a mod or someone higher.


    For corrections/suggestions, PM me.
    || QL ||
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    ok so i have now 17 posts but no knight title?

    nevermind it changed im very sorry for this
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    thanks to Morgan for the Sig!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkflameTheHedgehog View Post
    ok so i have now 17 posts but no knight title?

    nevermind it changed im very sorry for this
    Just needed to wait for the tick-over. It won't ever change immediately.
    Welcome to the forums though. This is a really fun and active community!

    Week 9 voting and Week 10 entries.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    I'm not sure if there was a counterpoint in there. But, if it will make you happy, then I yield the dispute to put an end to this tangent. You win.
    I won!
    Enter the Void - My Video Gaming Forum

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    Question... where can I see requirments to the titles? I would love prinzessin !! ;P
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    Default Thanks

    I just want to say thanks for this guide before now I just didnt know why I couldnt post Threads and it really annoyed me.


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    Default Omg!

    sorry misleading title its just it took me so long to find ansors to my questions. I was getting so mad I would never be able to partcipate in the community i love so much. then i found this thred and it had all the ansors.

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    When posts are deleted, are we ever sent an explanation as to why it was deleted?
    I've had quite a few deleted and although with some I somewhat understand most have just disappeared without notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScaterGater View Post
    When posts are deleted, are we ever sent an explanation as to why it was deleted?
    I've had quite a few deleted and although with some I somewhat understand most have just disappeared without notice.
    Posts are deleted based on forum rules. If the moderator assigned to that section deems it unnecessary/breaks rules or feels it would spawn off new arguments if left there, he/she would delete it. Of course, this varies according to each mod's judgment, but generally they all follow the same standard. That said, a mod doesn't have to send you an explanation why he/she deleted your posts; it would be personal preference to do so. However, if you're really curious as to why your posts were vaporized into oblivion, you may send them a polite query about it.

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    First ever post, so do please bear with me. I have looked aorund the forums but to no avail.

    Related to my issue is I have a number of (very annoying rather than catastrophic) bugs on my acount (I am a fairly experienced player and I have tested the issue as bugs to some extent). That is not the reason for my posting here though.

    I have looked on the forums but there does not appear to be a known bugs list. Surely this is something that is needed / required, since at the moment I cannot see if.

    a) Anybody else experiences these bugs
    b) If Evony even know they exist
    c) If in fact they are game "features" and known not to be bugs.

    The obvious thing to do I guess would be to start a new thread but newbies can't do that.

    Merely as a flavour of what I am talking about, 2 bugs that spring to mind for me at the moment are

    1. After maintenance my Mayors suddenly start producing about 75% of the resources that they should (can be fixed by replacng Mayor then replacing Original Poli Mayor)
    2. My transport collect 100% of the resources they should collect from NPCs but only 20% of the resources that they should from Player owned Cities.

    At the moment I can't tell if this is a known bug / unknown bug, whether other pepole experience it and how many and there is no obvious drop down box to report a bug.

    Am I missing something or is there really no thread to tackle this?

    Any help / advice appreciated



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