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Thread: Queensland Floods

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    The death toll from the Brazillian floods and mudslides has now topped 500 and more than 1 million people have been forced out of their homes in Sri Lanka after a week of monsoonal dowpour. Forgive my failure to mention Sri Lanka earlier but media focus here is on local events at the detriment of world events.

    Some good news locally is that the town of Goondiwindi is breathing a sigh of relief as river levels have started to drop from a high of 10.5m and will not top the town levee banks which stand at 11m. Some flooding of low lying surrounding areas and the town of Bogabilla is occuring currently. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has announced further troops will be sent to aid with flood relief and recovery in Queensland, bringing the total number of armed forces personnel involved to 2400.

    Goondiwindi levee banks holding.spacexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxAussie spirit shines under a Queensland sunxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxVolunteer army tuns out to lend a hand.

    The forces of nature are mighty and vast and can be terrible to behold but they are the same forces that sustain and nurture us and all other life. We must understand and accept that.

    [EDIT] Flood poses no risk to (Qld) beer supplies! [/EDIT]
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    The mayor of Brisbane today said that Monday will be business as usual for Brisbane

    1. I'm afraid it'll be a while before I'm ready for 'business as usual'
    2. I ruined 1 pair of boots, 6 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of shorts and 9 t-shirts just trying to clean out my storage shed
    3. I met some wonderful people over the last 3 days
    4. Need a tetanus booster tomorrow

    Yes, it could have been worse
    Yes. it has been worse elsewhere in the world
    Yes, I'm so glad it wasn't worse here
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    wow I was actually wondering bout the Aussie here on the forums I too was cut off by the Flood waters I was stuck on the Gold coast seeing my ill Nanna (you got problem go yourself) and yea I was worried bout relo's in Moree and Dad was grumpy cause he likes XXXX there are massive delays all over the state at Grafton it Took us 3hrs to get over the Bridge! but the most disheartening part isn't the deaths I mean thats sad true but what makes me angrier is the "looters" some are truely looting but others are plucking items out of the mouth of the river that would otherwise head into Moreton bay....All I can really say Is those poor victims and LETS REBUILD!

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    Where are those 2 people banned?
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    because they were spambots.

    @ Rodri, i dont think that it is at all unreasonable for your regional news to take precedence over world news. rather it is what i would expect to be the case.

    @ Desal, in staid of pointing out Rodri's mistake in not mentioning something, why dont you cover it yourself? how bout being helpful in staid of just pointing out everyone elses "problems"

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    true story
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    australia day, 2011
    the day i stopped being depressed about the material things that were lost in the flood

    lilman: wat cha doin' daddy?
    me: bar-b-qing a chicken
    lilman: ooooooo... it smells soooo yummy!!!
    me: that's nice
    lilman: daddy?
    me: yes?
    lilman: i miss max
    me: who's max, lilman?
    lilman: jerry's bestest frien'
    me: jerry? jerry from play school? i thought jerry was your best friend?
    lilman: he is!!!! but max was jerry's bestest frien'
    me: well... why do you miss max?
    lilman: (softly) cuz... max is dead, daddy
    *short pause*
    me: oh really?...... how did that happen?
    lilman: well... he went in the water, and he can't swim, so he dead
    *short pause*
    me: oh.... that's sad
    lilman: ye, but he's watchin' over me
    *long pause*
    me: well, that's nice
    lilman: daddy?
    me: yes?
    lilman: can you teach me how to swim?
    me: of course darlin'
    lilman: thank you daddy
    me: no worries bud
    lilman: daddy?
    me: yes?
    lilman: i don't wanna be dead
    me: well i don't want that either
    lilman: if i go in the water, i wanna i don't get dead
    me: ok... so i'll teach you, how's that?
    lilman: *smiles* thank you daddy
    me: no worries bud
    lilman: daddy?
    me: yes darlin'?
    lilman: can i go play on the trampoline?
    me: of course darlin'
    lilman: thank you daddy
    lilman: *runs off, pulling shorts up by the belt loops*
    me: *sobs a bit*
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