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Thread: The Golden Bear [OOC]

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    can't wait to see how it turns out

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    RL kiddnapped my, bbl


    Name: Gweneal(Pronunciation: GWEN ee ul) Nickname: Gwen, Gwen-Angel
    Approximate Age: late childhood (no more then 8)
    Job or Trade: beggar child.
    Domestic Situation: unpleasant
    Conscience: innocent (despite what she has lived through. If that is ok with you)
    Everyday Appearance:
    • Sewing (1)
    • jump rope (5)
    • jacks (2)
    • gathering: the art of finding usable or specifically asked for items in a given area (6)

    Starting Equipment: moth eaten shawl, petticoat, boots (almost too small), cat (scrawny)
    Important Background Information: Gwen lost her parents at a young age to disease. But she had always lived on the street. Its just that one day her mother wouldn?t wake up, and when she checked on her later that day she was still sleeping, sometime in the night someone came and took her a way from the rotting corps, and gave her something to eat while the body was disposed of out of her sight. She played with and befriended a stray mouser who looks after her in cat fashion, ie checking up when she has something to share, and permitting itself to be petted. Cat also shows up sometimes when Gwen is sad, and lets her cuddle him.

    Spell book:
    Power words used:
    • warmth inside food = the subject gives food enough to fill and warm her
    • inside room tonight = the subject is motivated to give her a place to stay for he night
    • forge another sweetheart

    Power words available:
    • find
    • little
    • girl
    • death
    • cat
    • cat
    • shelter
    • fall
    • ill
    • wrong
    • cat
    • companion
    • honey
    • promise
    • never
    • anything
    • stupid
    • please
    • storming
    • horribly
    • outside
    • please
    • somewhere
    • tonight
    • sure
    • cat
    • knight
    • okay
    • pouring
    • outside
    • place
    • little
    • girl
    • lonesome
    • here
    • dangrous
    • shady
    • inn
    • stale
    • air
    • princess
    • bonny
    • lass
    • meat
    • smoked
    • turkey
    • bone
    • inside
    • bean
    • cat
    • dumplings
    • bowl
    • stew
    • fill
    • person
    • place
    • sleep
    • outside
    • weather
    • cat
    • place
    • warm
    • year
    • roof
    • over
    • head
    • afford
    • middle
    • night
    • know
    • first
    • pet
    • game
    • men
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    Name: Ecgleofu (Pronounced "EDGE-low-fah" )
    Gender: Female
    Approximate Age: Early 20's
    Job or Trade: Scholar, of sorts
    Domestic Situation: There's a small lord's manor and a father back at her home.
    Conscience: Uncertain. Ecgleofu possesses an outwardly obvious conviction that she should already be dead, probably due to something in her past she does not discuss.
    Everyday Appearance: Tall, with shoulder-length light brown hair and light green eyes. She wears a purple-lined shirt and brown breeches. A sword hangs at her side, but no other weapons.
    -Swordsmanship: 2
    -Lore/Historical Knowledge: 5
    -Magical Knowledge: 3
    -Speechcraft: 3
    -Luck: 5 (I thought it mattered enough to call it a skill.)
    Starting Equipment:
    -A number of old books
    Important Background Information: Theollon is a well-known noble and war hero in the service of a Northern king. He and his war band has participated in some of that region's more notable military engagements, but is now growing old. Ecgleofu is the well-favored daughter of Theollon.
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    She said it would only make us cold, and miserable, and sick.
    We thanked her and hugged her and she walked away smiling warmly.
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    Bree and Imnothere - I am very flattered!

    I've updated the post on Constellations and Fate. Feel free to ask questions in this thread!

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    Name: Everyone simply calls him Smith, because nobody in town has learned his real name yet--except for the old blacksmith, who lies in a freshly-dug grave.

    Gender: Male

    Approximate Age:

    Job or Trade:
    Blacksmith--at least that's what he has pretended to be...

    Domestic Situation:
    He currently lives in a small shed next to the forge. Nobody in the town knows what his profession was when he began training under the local smith, who has died recently of old age. He was the only one who knew much about this young man.

    4--He's done plenty of bad things in the past, but he's not proud of it, nor is very willing to openly talk about it. Also, people have noted that he's a bit too young to be so good at making his weapons--and using them.

    Everyday Appearance: He always wears dark colors for some reason. His boots are made of snakeskin and other [stronger] materials. His pants are what a common blacksmith of these parts would wear: black, thick, and made of a strong material. He is always seen wearing his best works, such as a sword he had made for a noble who was killed before he delivered his goods. He has blond hair, dark blue-green eyes, and an intelligent expression.


    Forging/Weapon-making: 4
    Using his weapons and tools: 6
    Improvisation: 3
    Archery: 3

    Starting Equipment: Sword, blacksmith's hammer, and two metal rods meant for making another sword.

    Important Background Information: People really don't know a whole lot about this guy, and he intends to keep it that way. All he really wants to be known by is Smith.

    ================================================== ================================================== ===


    Current Equipment (what he's holding right now): Sword, dagger, knife [that he picked up before he went to the inn]. He is wearing his usual coat right now, for warmth. Bag of painkilling herbs (Most of it still remains.) A broken arrow by itself, a bit tarnished by blood.

    New equipment (in the last 10 of my posts): Dagger, picked up when it was thrown at him and missed. Bag of painkilling herbs, tossed to him to heal his arrow wound. Only a little of it has been used. A broken arrow by itself, pulled out of Smith's leg after he got shot with one. It's broken in three places, with the head of the arrow being the biggest part.


    Wounded in the leg by an arrow. The wound is still in considerable pain.
    The arrow has been pulled out of his leg, but the wound is still very painful right now.

    Power Words Used:


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    Let me put up my little reserved sign here too. I'm liking the constellation thing so far.

    Special Props To Don Ezio for this!

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    I Claim this spot for the great Soviet Union

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    But... but I was about to ask for a spot...
    *Makes dastardly plan*
    Quote Originally Posted by Premier Cherdenko View Post
    I Claim this spot for the great Soviet Union
    You claim it for the Soviet Union, and not in the name of? So, you claim it for someone who won't return. Well boy, I guess that spot is open for ME TO TAKE!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
    Lol, jk.
    Seriously though, if someone quits, then I'd like to take it.

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    *plants a flag of a White Tree into the ground*

    I would like to reserve a place.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherhoodUK View Post
    *plants a flag of a White Tree into the ground*

    I would like to reserve a place.
    In other words, 5 places have already been reserved. I think people like us are on the "Waiting List."

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