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Thread: January 23: Historic City Fix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post

    Here are the most recent game updates:

    January 23rd

    Age II Server
    • Players may no longer abandon or lose their last non-Historic City.
    So what's does this have to do HC's? how was the HC's fixed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by webby189 View Post
    There are only 2 spots "missing" HCs, they are in Romagna and they will never appear there to my knowledge.
    Have they been missing since day one, or were they there and deleted when someone's account was deleted? In Beta if someone possessed an HC and their account was deleted for inactivity their HC became a flat just like all of their cities. A person could teleport onto the flat with a lvl 10 TH city and after maintenance have a historic, that doesn't work here, but if I create a barb on that city will it be a historic or just a regular npc?
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    So you cannot capture a players last NON Historic city

    So when a player goes into HOLIDAY MODE, He wont loose any city, You can plunder the HC but once loy is at 15, You wont budge it below

    When is EVONY going to deal with this issue ??

    In my case, This lord has 9 or 10 cities, several are HC's, and he has selected Holiday mode, and this has been over 2 weeks as I know of, either he has loads of coins, or he is using a bot??

    EVONY - Please sort this situation out, Maybe you could allow 30 days holiday (God I wish I could have 30 days), and then a 30 day cool off period before Holiday mode could be selected again

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    What a Joke

    I have also come across a Lord with 1 City - A HISTORIC CITY

    Come on Evony, Please sort this mess out

    You used to delete inactive accounts after a while

    What are we going to end up with, Loads of Inactive accounts and all HC's Taken

    That surely is not good for the game?


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