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    Decided to go visit WildMan for round 3 tonight since he ported out on me yesterday , his war city of course


    14 mil exp no report

    10 mil exp no report

    328k dead ballista

    15 mil exp no report

    213 k dead pults

    148k bal an 100k pult dead

    25mil exp no report

    21 mil exp no report

    200k dead bal

    14 mil exp no report

    152k bal an 93 k pult dead

    16mil exp no report

    10 mil exp no report

    17 mil exp no report

    8 mil exp no report

    after that he holidayd

    but based on what the last one was i could see in on, plus 4 more big hits on his mechs after ...

    bet i wiped pretty much all his mech an all he had left was rams an some layers

    Enjoy ur holiday WildMan

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