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Thread: Server Discussion Thread

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    whats happening in Silver now? seems some of the members split up and moved into number47 alliance

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    I didn't start this but found it posted by Chimi.

    Go here and voice your opinion!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephistopheles. View Post
    whats happening in Silver now? seems some of the members split up and moved into number47 alliance
    No idea, but I would think some inactive got moved there.
    server: ss57
    alliance: Virtue_230

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    what is the significance of theNumber47? is that Silver's actives? ella's feeders? BOTH?!?!?!? hmmm... I think we're on to something

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    Default Romagna

    Today -Roundtable -Roundtable -Bware -Roundtable -Bware

    Yesterday -Velocity -Bware (served up to me by someone from another alliance)

    I think one took a bit of work, rest took no more than 2 archer waves at most. Was measuring the drapes on a Silver city but the person came on. Currently no Silvers with more than 1 city out of holiday within 20 miles at first glance.
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    CherryPopr WMD/Host - who posted above. - prescout - mechs - mechs
    bunch of hits, some auto healing post scout, then ported

    not a WMD with resources for miles now.

    Thank You.
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    As I was watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey I was thinking to myself that I needed some more troops in there. But I couldn't step away from the TV once Caroline and Kim G started fighting. Darn that Kim G!!.
    and nice job Thanox
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    Thank You.

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    And ... Its July 26 . Most of the ones that were forced into " HOLIDAY " a few days ago are now out of holiday . The server is lagging way more than it has during the past few days while everyone was in holiday . It makes me want to log in and do what i have to do and log out becasue it just isnt fun . Its been months since i got to play like i did the past 3 days . The past 3 days i actually played a lot . Also Some of you were mentioning ServerMerge . Its so crowded on SS57 now i couldn't imagine 3/4 of our server mixed in with another it would be a nightmare . I wish we were on a limited capacity server maybe 20K then it locks .

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    So I got home from a fun filled weekend on the Ocean with the Hubby to find my war city only a few miles from MADMOOSE of lethal. He had 2 cities in the area so I scouted them both. 1 only had 30k archers in it (and wasnt worth hitting) but the other appeared to be his war city so I decided to send some attacks. gates stayed shut (must have been due to the SBs) and most loot moved out on me.

    before scout
    almost empty trans (due to loot being moved out)
    I figured someone would log in pretty fast but decided I would play a bit anyway. (but to my surprize it took over an hour for them to log)

    mech with no report (but guessing about 100k dead balls)
    mechs with reports
    archer waves
    archer wave that wiped remaining troops
    and then healed troops
    30k trans archer wave plunder killing rein archers (probably from his other nearby city)
    and some scouts
    30k trans archer wave plunder killing rein warriors and over a mil scouts
    another 30k trans plunder
    (last 2 hits were after he truced)

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