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Thread: Building Queue / Construction List ideas "Merged Topic"

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    Lightbulb Building Queue / Construction List ideas "Merged Topic"

    This is the official topic for having multiple buildings lined up, ready to be built in a row.

    Since this is a merged topic, using this "threaded discussion link" may help sort things out. LINK

    There are lots of ideas for Q'ing.

    Some favor a simple Unlimited Q. Just set things and forget it (you could rearrange anytime).

    To the other extreme of light Q'ing being allowed (my personal favorite, as I feel it balances out user wants with dev desires).

    Quotes from the topic:

    Quote Originally Posted by ! mINDsELFiNDULGE ! View Post
    TOTAL YES HERE. But I think a Q needs to not be based on number, but time. I feel that since construction is based on Time, naturally, a queue would also be based on time.

    The whole point behind stopping a Q for the devs, is to keep people online. I would set the Q to 45 or 75 minutes. And you can go OVER the Q (set the last item as something HUGE), but that's it.

    My reasoning for 75 minutes (1 hour and 15 minutes) is say someone wants to watch a show or take a lunch break. Often enough those are set to 1 hour. So you can set the Q, do that, and then come back to the game (with 15 minutes wiggle room). This way you keep people playing 'in-game' and allow other things to happen.

    Also, I'm divided on pre-allocating resources. On 1 hand, it's handy to know the total so you don't overspend. On the other, I might be a master at scheduling and have set up resource production and market purchases to match need! Which is fun to do in other games ^_^

    My sugg:
    75 minute Q (always able to add 1 building to the Q).
    No forced pre-allocation.
    Items without resources sit in Q until resources are available. Then get built.
    If you want to pre-allocate, then you can hit a Checkmark in the Q and the resources will be pre-allocated ASAP.

    P.S. I am also in favor of pausing construction on one project, and then allowing us to micromanage another project. For example, allow us to pause the newest Town Hall upgrade so we can bump up a few farms or whatever. Pausing a construction would place the item back in the Q. I think Pausing is quite natural and a complimentary system to to Q'ing. ^_^


    .. (SpeedUp)
    [~] . Town Hall ^ v. 15:27:16 o x
    [_] .. Quarry vvv v^ 42:15 .... x
    [_] ...... Farm ^ v^ 6:01 ..... x
    [~] Rally Point ^ .^ 25:44 .. - x

    You can see in the example I have a TH upgrade (TH^) going on for about 15 hours. I also then have less than 75 minutes of upgrades after. At any point I should be able to move those around, pausing the TH by clicking the up and down arrows in the center column (v^), and which will instead move the triple Quarry downgrade (quarry vvv) to the current 'city project'. Also notice that my Rally Point is paused from earlier, indicated by the - sign on the far right; and notice that on the far left the check boxes have the rally and TH marked as "resources pre-allocated".

    PPS A booster idea to this Time Queue idea I've seen is the ability to gain the Queue ability through a tech ability, called City Planning.
    The change I would make would be like so.
    Level 0 = 15 minute queue.
    Level + = +30 minutes.
    Maxes out at 5 hours, 15 minutes, at level 10.

    Without going overboard can I just point out a few things here on this IDEA??
    he can edit me LOL but may not

    A building Queue that assigns resources in other way than done now (1 at a time)
    will be a combat defense exploit

    The Building queue simplifies players creating MUTLITOWN MULTIACCOUNTS
    for farming and provides cheaters with more benefits from do so

    In the beginning resources come slow but building is fast by free speedups without items
    As it progresses the fight to build and manage troops and still upgrade does a very similar thing

    Finding an alliance and recieving transports from ACTIVE players is the best approved and implemented
    form of a BUILDING Queue

    Time to construct increases to the point who would want to start more than 1 or who could hold enough to more than 1 at one town at once EVEn walls 10 itself requires transporting of some kind unless you make a town to
    specifically be able to hold and produce Walls level 10

    I would much rather see a Walls building status bar over another building in the same feature

    I think for overall gameplay a building queue offers no real gain to community on servers
    and leans to far towards BOTTED towns and CHEATING by exploits

    And then from a server load .. what if I stack up 3 buildings
    start the first
    can't begin 2nd because of a plunder
    and then all of sudden can start 3 by transport from allies
    all the while I am afk

    does the server wait for building 2 resources or start building 3?

    why should we even ask to add more conditions of server processes
    with the complaints already filed about LAG for this?
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    Lightbulb Official: Building Queue Ideas

    Yeah i think it would be good to have the opportunity to make a waiting line for building a bit like the Army production.
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    that would be brilliant, even if it requires a few cents to activate ( prefferably not )

    at this point its unlikly that "races" with specific advantages will be added but some form of improvements like this should be added i think..

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    A building queue would indeed be brilliant.

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    I think a queue would be awwesome and would like to see it implemented through a construction office. Say each lvl of the construction office lets you queue one more building or everyother level, or whatever the devs see to be balanced.

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    No, this makes the game too easy, the point is you go to sleep and other people do things you're not ready for, being able to pre-set buildings is just too easy.

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    I like the idea of Demiwar.

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    yep we want the que system to be added
    and the speed up items should effect the over all building que

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    a good idea, but I think it would need to be restrictive. i.e. one extra building per lvl, and a maximum of 10 or something. Otherwise people would only log on once a day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Insane View Post
    No, this makes the game too easy, the point is you go to sleep and other people do things you're not ready for, being able to pre-set buildings is just too easy.
    Here here!... I have suggested a building que, and all that I've heard is that it will negatively impact the game.

    Would it make it easier? Yes. Would it make it more fun? For those of us who have the time to play, no, for those of us that don't, yes.

    I personally have the time to play this game. I do not approve of adding a building que. I used to approve of it, but now i've been persuaded against the idea

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