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Thread: Building Queue / Construction List ideas "Merged Topic"

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    agreed it is too easy i would lose intrest

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    I understand where this topic is coming from. I say if this is to be so, make it optional and based on the level of the town hall.Overall, I agree with the idea.

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    Lightbulb Kingory has a building que...why not Evony?

    I recently played about 5 minutes of another game that was exactly like Evony, except it had a building que. which probably works, why because you could only que 1 extra building, you had to use the resources to build it when you qued it, and everybody got it right from the beginning, nobody got more then the other.

    add the que, make it only 1, not upgradeable for any reason and you solve almost all of the problems.

    all i know is if evony doesnt add something, i'm gonna stick to playing the other game, its almost identical, only with a building que

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    it seems that this issue is a bit of a catch 22. On the one hand, it would help new players, or people who can't spend a lot of time online. On the other hand, experienced players who have lots of time to play could exploit it to wipe out those of us who aren't. For me, I would like to have at least some queuing ability because I hate having to sit and watch the minutes tick down while I'm building a bunch of things that only take 6min-1hour. It's boring. especially during your bp. There's nothing else to do during that time but build. Maybe that's the answer, have it during bp. either way, I would like to see it be made part of the game, and there have been lots of good suggestions to how to make it work. Good luck.

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    I don't see any problem with adding a building queue as long as it is limited by time. For this game, I would say 1 hour would be fine. It would help out the new players a TON. I just started a few days ago and having to come back every 2-5 min to start another building is just a pain when you have things to do. EVE Online uses a queue system of 24 hours and it works well for that. I have been playing EVE for a couple years now and it still has many uses.

    I didn't read through the 60 pages in this thread but I really don't see how a 1 hour queue could be abused by more experienced player as long as it had the proper restrictions added. You could limit the queue to the main city only to prevent higher players from making new cities to add to their resource production. You could even just make it a feature of bp as another user suggested or just limit the amount of time it is in effect from the day you make your account. Another option is to make the cap on the queue dependent on the cumulative levels of the buildings added.

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    I have been a player on this game for a long time, and from the very beginning this is one aspect of the game that I have not been able to understand............

    This game does stride for reality and it is inconceivable that anyone running a city would only have one construction project going at a time........ It would only add to this wonderful game by allowing additional options, a higher level of managing your resources, and improve the reality of the game.

    I wish this would really be considered??..

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