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Thread: To get Justice medals

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    Default To get Justice medals

    Afraid that the post in the other thread will be flooded immediately (and it is already), I repost it here as so ppl do the searching will get some info.

    It seems that Justice medals are the most frustrating thing everyone is looking for an answer. I hope this this will give you a small hope.

    I was conquering a lv10 NPC today, June 3rd, and it took 38 mins. The first fight, I got a Nation medal, then I was very surprised I got 2 Justice medals among the later fights. That means, Justice medals do drop, but with a big cost. However, this leads me to a strategy how to gather Justice medals.
    Try to win a fight against a lv10 NPC city, then keep sending archers and warriors to farm it, it doesnt matter that the city is not fully recovered yet. Actually, it helps as the city doesnt have many troops.

    Here is the report.
    When the city has 21 loyalty left
    Nation medal, same city, but some waves before the previous fight
    Another Justice, same conquering quest

    Also, I only got 4 Nation medals, 2 Justice medals and nothing else from these 55 waves I sent.

    By the way, when I re-read my post, I notice a coincidence, all of the reports I post, turned out to be of same hero. He has 161 attack 65 intelligence, and all of these reports are the first of a series 8 attacks.

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    This is the best sleeper thread of all time. It offers huge benefits but everyone is ignoring it.

    PQ, can I ask you a few questions about attacking a Level 10?

    I have the following troops available at my disposal:

    2,000 Catapults
    15,000 Ballistas
    1,000 Rams

    And enough warriors, archers, transports, etc. to fill up the 125K unit limit at my rally point. All of my techs are at level 10 and my hero's attack is 167.

    Can I start going after Level 10's now? If I do go after a 10, is it worthwhile to bring all 1,000 rams, or should I bring just a handfull of rams and use the remaining slots for more archers?


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    Dear EvNoob,
    The 1000 rams probably wont help much as of now, but your army is surely overkill :P
    Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PQ09 View Post
    Dear EvNoob,
    The 1000 rams probably wont help much as of now, but your army is surely overkill :P
    Good luck.
    Hi PQ. Thank you so much for responding.

    So I should be okay attacking Level 10 NPCs? I suppose the big question now is how quickly I can replace the 10K-20K expected Archer casualties? I don't mind replacing archers, but if I lose that siege equipment it will take me forever to rebuild it.


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    Yeah, your army is super good :P
    You wont lose any siege weapons. The biggest cost is that first fight where you lose thousands of archers.
    What I did after that was (I only had feasting hall lv9, rally spot lv9), so 8 waves in a series:
    first wave: 10k ballista, 20k archers, 15k warriors. (you will lose 1k archers)
    7 waves: 2k ballista 10k archers 6k warriors

    then wait till all come back and do it again.

    Expected respawn rate is 10% every 6 mins, so:
    right after another attack: 40k warriors
    6 mins after: 80k
    12 mins after: 120k

    Edit: you probably wont need ballista for the other 7 waves, but I did that to make the timing consistent and make sure the 7 waves dont arrive before the main one xD
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    Hi PQ,

    So sorry to trouble you about this - but just one more question.

    I wanted to clarify that you sent your waves in 6 minutes apart?


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    no, just some seconds apart :P
    but I sent troops from one city only, so I needed to wait for all the 8 waves to come back to send them out again.

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    Default It works

    I tried to conquer a level 10 NPC last night but unfortunately the untimely server maintenance (delayed for 4 hours) and the server crash half way through the conquest put it to a halt.

    Anyway here are the brief stats and results:
    20k ballistae
    150-200k archers
    200k warriors
    Mix of others for layers
    I have archery 10 and the most important techs at 9 or 10.

    I had 3 runs of 9 waves each
    First wave: 20k ballistae, 3k transporters. 66k archers plus 1 of each other for layers
    Second - ninth waves: 11k-12k archers and 25k warriors

    Second and third runs are very similar with less numbers of archers and warrior as some 10% died each run.

    Medals collected:
    First run: 3 Nation and 1 Justice
    Second run: 1 Nation and 2 Justice
    Third run: 1 Nation & horn and 2 Justice

    All the medals were from earlier rounds. It seems the later rounds due to fewer casualties you get less a chance for medals.

    Also, it averages around 30% for a chance to get a Nation or Justice medal.

    These stats are off my head so I could have slight mistakes. But I can say it's 95% true.

    Getting Nation and Justice medals is A LOT EASIER than you would have thought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkZ View Post
    All the medals were from earlier rounds. It seems the later rounds due to fewer casualties you get less a chance for medals.

    Getting Nation and Justice medals is A LOT EASIER than you would have thought.
    Hiya DarkZ,

    I dunno if it's easier than I would have thought. Well, Nation medals are easier anyway.

    But I think you're right about getting more medals with the earlier rounds. Last night I managed to take a Level 10 NPC, and I got 3 Nation Medals (no Justice Medals though).

    But your concerns when you're trying to conquer a Lvl 10 NPC are different from when you're medal farming, so it wasn't too bad. I was disappointed that I didn't get a single Justice Medal during the entire campaign, but at least I did manage to get the Level 10 NPC. (My server did manage to stay up, so I can be grateful for that.)


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    I took a lvl 10 NPC last night and the medal gods were smiling down at me as I picked up 8 Justice Medals by the time I was finished. The city was a little ways away from me so it took about an hour and a half with constant attacks each spaced out to hit about 2 minutes after the previous.

    It seems I would only get medals on the attacks when there were warrior respawns. I would have to double check all the reports to see if I got any medals at all on the attacks with no warriors but when I was watching them come in it seemed like I would only get medals on the attacks where there were warrior defenders.

    If so, if you can time attacks with the warrior respawn (6 minutes?) you can increase your chance of getting Justice medals while decreasing the number of attacks you have to send and the losses you take.
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