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Thread: February 11: Troop and Hero Bug Fixes

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    Wtf? ???????

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    that was the only way we could move mechs around.
    evony realy wants to make their players leave the game. that was it for me and many in my alliance
    npc lvl 5's and 10's getting removed
    in rally it says 1m food while it takes 8m food
    so good bye mechs

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    What dumbass would get rid of this seriously.

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    Thanks Evony, you have now destroyed the ability of players to amass a decent size army. Believe it or not, we actually don't enjoy farming, we prefer to fight. You will lose at least half the players on S129 now, whether a merge comes or not. You really look after your paying players dont you - NOT.

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    Default I'm very happy with the outcome

    Thank you evony and dawnseeker for fixing that. Whatever it was. I dont coin and never will. I dont keep many troops around just a few for ambushing. But thank you anyhow. I wonder how many evony employees actually worked on this and for how long, rofl. Keep it coming. Let us see how you can top this with some other "fix" for some other "glitch".

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    damnt evony....
    u want more players and u think u can get them with fixing the tricks or with improving the game ???
    or do u call fixing an improve ???
    improve = make troops eat less troops
    improve = never dont clean npcs again
    and lots more....
    but u just think about geting us into age II
    me for my self never
    and btw this damnt fix is gona make me quit the game soon.... noob wars, and the wars are gona be long ones with ages.... now peoples just will farm all the day ...

    one more time
    NICE JOB EVONY..... ur mission is working really nice (forcing us to quit

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    I've so often heard that Evony was originally designed to be a war game. That people weren't supposed to "just farm" and they were supposed to fight. This "fix" has made that VERY difficult. It will now cost me nearly a billion food to move 100k pults from my homebase to my war city. Just the pults. Add to that the cost of moving everything else there, and it's hardly worth fighting at all. I'll have to clear 5-6 cities just to break even now. If I'm lucky, I'll find a botted city with a few billion in it, but then it's very difficult to empty it since it auto comforts, manipulates gates, and auto hides resources.
    I'll also only be able to move a million troops per city, and have to wait up to 10 hours for them to get to their destination, so not only will I have to use the majority of my food in each city, I won't be able to farm for nearly half a day to start replacing it.
    I will not and can not buy 8 random and 8 adv. ports 2-3 times a week to be able to dump troops into my war city and then move the cities all back home. That's a cost of more than $300/wk. For that I could buy a Ferrari.
    I'm not going to beg it to be returned the way it was, that's obviously a wasted effort, but I would like to hear suggestions from Evony as to what we're supposed to do now.

    Dawn... What do we do to maintain the war game atmosphere and still be able to maintain our food if we can't move troops to a war city? I am asking in earnest because I really don't know at this point.
    Who am I is the question? Who am I to question? Who questions me?

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    Default hmmm

    Well since i aint spent any coin for 6 weeks now, this seems designed to do one thing make players spend more coin, s134 is dead already this will kill it off even more. If no merge on that server by end of feb its time to hit the reset button not going to a new server either I will be quitting the game entirely and i would urge all people to consider this too.

    Belgarion server 134

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    Well, I guess that was all I needed. I have cities in 2 different states and if I can't move my troops around without taking up multiple Rally spot slots for hours at a time, it ruins everything I have done to set myself up.
    There are lots of other games out there folks.....I'm going to find one.
    CIAO Evony

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    Yea how the hell are we suppose to play this game now seriously, attack with workers? lmfao. I know, lets all bot, i mean how else are we suppose to feed our chit? what other options are there. How am i suppose to move my pults from 300 miles away? Jesus Christ.


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