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Thread: PROPOSAL to curb botting (I)

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    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    so your also making it impossible for alliances to effectively help offline players? insta capping player cities is a stupid idea at best.
    ur saying this having in mind players with 50k arc in their cities as defence?
    the thing is to push players to make better defences in cities and to be able to hold off against few waves buying the alliance members time to reinfo.

    besides there r a lot of examples when a players wall def is crushed and they r at 15 loy the alliance members won't reinforce anyway cause with no traps is much easier for them to lose the how is that any different?

    and even if u do lose a well defended city over a group attack, the enemy would lose more troops than defender so alliance members can retaliate and take over more cities

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    Wow, this is by far the dumbest idea I have heard to combat botting.
    First off you obviously don't play this game, or don't play it well. Even the biggest of players still use 5s to farm particially... hitting ALL 10s gets costly... I run through 100-400karch per day on 10s. I hit about 50-100 5s a day and gives me extra food. Sure 5s weren't meant for free food nor were any of the npcs... it is now. Its a fact of the game. If they weren't there there would be no game because any reasonable player would leave.
    Sorry but this idea is the worst idea for botting yet.

    P.S. at least you are trying to find a solution to it... but its a bad idea
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