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Thread: April Fool's Joke! EVONY: Modern Warfare

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    LOL, nice...
    The cheesy graphic gave it away.... Then I kept reading and it just got funnier and funnier!!
    Good one. Glad to know you guys have humor.

    Quote Originally Posted by Vanator View Post
    Maybe they should have announce that Comforting and speech texts no longer work on HC's???? That would have been mayhem.
    I am waiting for an HC announcement in the future and a few SEEFA members and HC owners screaming on the foums about the HC change.
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    Lol! wasnt last years something about an Evony Zombie game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Gem View Post
    Lol! wasnt last years something about an Evony Zombie game.
    And the funny, random titles for forum members
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazzzzzzzzalicious! View Post
    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordevny View Post
    I wish this were real
    AgeIII anyone?

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    I "elle oh elle'd".

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    On your shoulder telling you to do things

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    Workers armed with sniper rifles with scopes...'nuff said.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cushseth View Post
    if cav are tanks, what are phracts?.. but then.. what are rams... o0o
    Well Obviously Cav are Light Tanks and Phracts are Heavy Tanks, Making Rams clearly some sort of nuclear missile, that takes 1 month to build but can destroy a full town however doing so will get everyone to turn against you.

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    Not Completed in first attempt. "D

  10. 04-01-2011, 03:58 AM

    posted twice

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    april fools huh thats to bad would have been the first improvement evony has made to the game

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    Hello all,
    We are going to change all army troops in Age 1 server as testing and below is the troops change plan,

    1-Worker, Having a Short Gun in their hands with 10 Shots per Worker
    2-Warrior, Having a Short gun having 50 Shots per Warrior.
    3- Scouts having walky-talky, censer camera, and long range telescopes.
    4- Pikemen having long Guns having 100 shots per pikeman.
    5-Swardmen having same guns but can fire 120 per sword man
    6- Archer, The main army unit to upgraded.. They will contains huge range of
    7- Cavalry Will be replace with "Tiger" a special helicopter loaded with good.
    8-Cataphract- That will be replace with "Cobra" Helicopter, that u better know what's that strength
    9-Transporters. 20 Feet Container are good to carry huge load so they will be replaced with this.
    10- Ballista, Huge unit with long range , will replace with "Tanks"..
    11-Ram: Nice Attacking weapon will be replace with Missiles, which can be good against walls and large army troops.
    12- Catapult, Hummm , Evony was thinking that what should be replace with 'Catapult", so they decided to replace it with Atom Bomb.... Which is just one can completely destroy the whole city , that means your account will be total 00,

    Hope u will like and appreciate the new weapons replacement, if want to change/Replace, we can consider your comments and might be change a little in above planing..

    Evony Team.


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