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Thread: nakid mech hit

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    i did hit with his layers gone on my 1st nakid mech hit. right behind another real rainbowed mech wave. and got no report. so i sent this without trying to clear the layers to see what would happen. i hit his archers like i wanted. i dont mind the loses as i have plenty more troops and mechs. all i wanted was to kill those archers. everything i lost during the fight against this guy has been rebuilt. i have a hero that builds fast enough so that i dont mind wasting mechs on hits like this
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    What's an rb and why would you send one 1 s before

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    Default First Second Last after other attacks

    kudos to defender, was online defending entire time til the end
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    Oooo so scary to see hits like that though, 1 cataphract would have botched the attempt, but great hit nonetheless.

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    sweet but alittle expensive


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