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Thread: Removing Reasons to Cheat

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    Default Removing Reasons to Cheat

    Since Evony staff has stated they are more interested in removing the causes for cheating as opposed to enforcing the rules - I thought I'd offer a few suggestions, as I don't want to look at a blank screen - much less pay for the priviliege. Players cheat to gain an undue advantage over another - so unless evony is considering conquering the world, and giving out lobotomies on the wheel of misfortune, not sure how that's going to work :P So, instead, take all the ways of cheating and incorporate them into the game. Here we go:

    1)Allow queueing of buildings. The Berninin's Hammer was a sop to the poor misguided fools who try to play by the rules. So rather than fix this issue, you came up with a way that does nothing to alleviate it. Honest people maybe buy it, anyone running a building bot certainly won't. Throw it on the ash heap. Allow buildings to be queued. Either by a certain number per level of the Mayor - or like some games do - continuously. (Civ type games come to mind).

    2)Allow queueing of attacks. Develop an Evony approved bot - and stick it in the game. This is going to ruin your sales to honest folk of scripts - both Lost armor and Michaelangelo's -as well as all those gems for gear sets. So take them out of the equation altogether - those items either don't drop at all - or continue shooting yourselves in the crotch, and give them a 100% drop rate.

    3)Allow queueing of research.

    4)Allow alliance members/friends (you'll have to develop a friends list type of thing) full use - offensively and defensively of your troops. Ditto your heroes. Ditto your resources. Allow a player to check off which he wants to allow other folk to use.

    5)Allow unlimited multiple accounts. With all interactions possible. The crap I see in online games about spouses - siblings - offspring etc is pretty much that - crap. Unless someone on the official payroll is watching your play everytime the account is active, doesn't really matter wtf you say. Same IP=same person. Trust me, I feel your pain. It took almost 6 hours to train my goldfish to play this game, and he still gets upset when people mistake him for me.

    6)grow a pair and start enforcing some rules - because unless you are giving everyone admin passwords, and the permission to do anything they want to in your game - people are always going to find a way to cheat.
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    3. Just build a few cities and have an academy in all, and after the first couple months you won't need to do research.
    4. That could be very bad. I know it would lower some account sharing but if people mess up with your troops or attack somebody you don't want attacked it could be disastrous.
    5. They are trying to eliminate multiaccounters.
    6. Not sure what to say

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    3. It's for those first couple of months. Otherwise, people would cheat to do the same. Like they are now.
    4. That's why you have an option to allow it or not. It's very bad when alliance's demand your account info in order to join it - and then proceed to mess up your stuff. Like they are now. Or worse, hack your fb account, and do it from there. Like they are now.
    5.How are they trying to eliminate multi-accounters? That problem was bad enough a couple years ago - now it's factors of magnitude worse. By refusing to hand out punishments they are not trying to enforce the rules in any meaningful way. Either let everyone do it - or enforce it. There's not much middleground.
    6. I don't think they'll like it either - but letting people that pay money cheat at will is certainly going to lead to this. Maybe they'll put a price tag on it, they way they are doing now. Hmm, 10k cash, and you get to destroy people with the push of a button - maybe some imaginative artwork? A big field of flames, with a raised fist, impudent digit extended? Much like many players are giving to the Evony admins now. 18 million players? How about a more accurate piece of information? How many active players?
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    oh ya, and lets remove hero xp, everyone starts with instant pults. then we can remove food, and wood and lumber and stone.and iron, but not gold. then we remove amulets, well also be taking away ports.. then were gonna limit troops to 1 thousand per city. transporters as a troop will be deleted...

    get my point? if the game exists there will always be an advantage to botters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigy the 5 View Post
    cush has a point... and he is right

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pitchwife View Post
    4. That's why you have an option to allow it or not. It's very bad when alliance's demand your account info in order to join it - and then proceed to mess up your stuff. Like they are now. Or worse, hack your fb account, and do it from there. Like they are now.
    Then the alliance would force you to allow it. It wouldn't change anything other then make account sharing easier and legal.

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    Looks like Coiners and Botters are both getting smiles from Evony. How cute...?

    Evony, quit being the spineless careless parent, and enforce your own Rules for goodness sakes. To hear what you must be saying just makes me sick!
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    What I see from this...

    Why doesnt evony just release an approved bot that you wont be banned for using. Make it cost x amount of dollars a month. Release an upgrade every month so the people that dont upgrade are left with the crappy one and get banned.

    This way, everyone is on a level playing field and evony gets more money. Whats not to love?
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    I have a thought, but I said it it another thread. For the sake of laziness, I will just quote it, instead of re-typing it all out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rota View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    I don't think dealing harshly with them is going to help the future of the game, or the revenue. (Since in many respects revenue is an important factor for every business.)

    They're cheating from a reason, my goal is to remove the reason - not the cheater. Permabans feel to me as if we're saying - "This person is a cheater through and through, Seacrest, out!" I think a more even handed approach, using suspensions and game rebalancing will pay off in the long run.
    I was PM'd a copy/paste of an in-game mail someone received. Their alliance is instructing everyone to get bots. At least for defense while offline, and they linked many other sites for resource bots and hero bots and farming bots and attacking bots and whatever other bots are out there. Since you have made it clear that suspensions are the only slap on the wrist they will receive, they are now openly advocating botting. They are, in fact, REQUIRING bot usage in some top alliances.

    Cheaters will cheat because they can get away with it.

    You said you wanted to remove the reasons for botting, rather than removing the player. That won't work. There will always be something else for them to cheat at. You could remove upkeep, the ability to capture heros, the ability to capture cities, and the many other game mechanics that bots help players avoid. There will always be something outside of the rules, that could gain players an advantage. They will simply create new bots to gain the new advantages in a new system.

    You can let them bot because they pay the bills, I honestly understand that. From a business perspective, that is a reasonable stance to take. If that's the stance you are going to take then own it and shout it from the mountaintops.

    [sarcasm] Let's add a "game-subversion" section to the forums. Let's tell people where to get bots, and how to use them. Why is resource bot A, better than resource bot B? Why are market bots incredibly foolish to use? What is the best farming bot? Let's end the farce of these 3-day vacations for punishment. Let's get the community together to endorse 3rd party software that aids gameplay. [/endsarcasm]

    ... or you can declare this game a fair-play zone, and go after the botter/multi/account sharers.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lazzzzzzzzalicious! View Post
    i started to read this and agree with everything rota says. if people just listened to him the forums would be a better place.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Rota is correct.

    I don't even understand the question.

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    Well Rota there are lots of evony bot forums out there so your post does make sense ... But in all honesty if botting was enforced there would be a max exodus of players. Evony is a game where you cant eliminate reasons to bot, well u can but it would be the exact list of things that cuseth listed.

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    This whole botting/inactive situation is a $*** sandwich (sorry for the language but its the truth). Get rid of troop upkeep and do what Rota said in one of his threads that he posted a couple weeks ago. After that actually enforce the rules that you laid out as far as botting and inactive accounts.
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