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Thread: Removing Reasons to Cheat

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hachi View Post
    What I see from this...

    Why doesnt evony just release an approved bot that you wont be banned for using. Make it cost x amount of dollars a month. Release an upgrade every month so the people that dont upgrade are left with the crappy one and get banned.

    This way, everyone is on a level playing field and evony gets more money. Whats not to love?
    I think this would be the way to go at this point. They would of course have to enforce the rules on non-approved bots and start banning people though.

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    Some people like cheating and hey its not my life its theres and I am not going to tell them what to do but I will say this it is proven in life that cheaters never win I think that for a better game experience that cheating should not be allowed and that they should keep trying to stop it.

    Thanks have a nice day


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