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Thread: Advanced Tax Policy

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    Default Advanced Tax Policy

    At 280 cents, is this value ? Most of the other buffs are not in that price range, that is 8/50 coin.

    Is there a reason for the disparity ? Does the 8/50 coin price better reflect the value of Tax Policy ?

    AP will be useful in protecting heros perhaps early in the game but when the player is advanced, then it is not such a great assistance.

    Does anyone buy and use Tax Policy regularly ?

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    nope they are just as worthless as ritual of pacts its cheaper to build town hall to ten and buy a mickey for 5 dollars then buy a ROP for 50

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    yeah some items are way over-rated. I wish they would change around the items in the "Hot sale" section once in a while, say every 6 months. you know make On Wars 10-20% off or something every so often. Evony NEEDs to spice it up a bit for coiners now and then.

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    So far my pop are living in a tax free society. Always have.
    I understand the use of a policy in an emergency.It seems that you could always destroy some wall defense to serve this pupose too.

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    never bought a tax policy, although have won them on the wheel. To be honest once you become established they are pretty much worthless.

    In emergency situation your alliance will usually bail you out to the point where you can farm and self sustain.

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    why do you want to know?


    Not worth it, just plunder someone for gold or draft if you're in Age2.

    I seem to win tons of them on the wheel though.
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    I'd kill to be able to turn adv tax policies into 1 amulet....


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