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Thread: Capture Level 8 NPC ?

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    Default Capture Level 8 NPC ?

    I have reached the stage in the queen quest where I need to cap a lv8 npc.
    I was wondering if anyone has some economical methods or anything that includes rams in the first wave. Mostly I am just after first waves that don't get wiped completely and are fairly economical to replace. I can send up to 125k troops/wave. Thanks for any sugestions.

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    L8 NPCs are real easy to clear with minimal loses.
    Just send 60k archers and 2k layers of (pike, sword) and 1k layer of cav.
    Any hero with over 150 attack will clear it just fine with the above wave and archer loses will be around 7k.
    But if you want to use rams then you will need to send 10k+ balls and a thick layer of rams, like 5k+. Maybe throw in 2k layer of warriors and 2k layer of workers. Then your balls will get 3+ rounds and wipe everything. The rams will absorb major abuse and protect your balls. Your balls should not get touched.

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    Practicalfool's Level 8 NPC Farming and Conquering guide.

    Its a bit old, but should still work out great for economical method to break and farm level 8 npcs.

    Rams are very uneconomical so Id suggest you dont use them at all especially against a level 8 npc.

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