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Thread: Server 153 - EthicX - Returning to the real Evony

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    Default Server 153 - EthicX - Returning to the real Evony

    Tindris is back in business!

    Evony opened in May of 2009. Back then you were a power player if you had 200k prestige and 100k troops. Those were the days when evony was more about friendships, loyalty and diplomacy, when keeping your promises were more important than anything else.
    As Evony has developed so has the gameplay. You are now a power player if you have millions of prestige, not that I am saying prestige means anything as it is the troops that do the talking, and as many troops as you can possibly feed. Yet, even though the game was becoming the war game it was created to be, there was still honor, loyalty and friendship within the game. It was all about skill, time management and commitment. This was the Evony that I loved.

    I now return to my beloved Evony to find a take over of bots, backstabbing and BS. What has happened to the loyalty and friendship that grew on Evony? I have met people here that I will remember for the rest of my life and I have learnt many things from them, not only about the game, but about life itself.
    Returning to find that Rota, of all people, had been backstabbed in the way he was, I have decided to make an attempt to bring the old Evony back.
    Scorn me if you wish, laugh and doubt, but if we want this, it can happen.

    This is why I will be hosting EthicX och Server 153 when it opens.
    EthicX will symbolise everything that Evony used to be and the game that we knowledgeable players that play the game to play the game want it to be.

    EthicX will stand by its allies, we will have no sister alliances and we are here for the fun, war and friendships. We will not participate in any backstabbing or gang ups as this goes against what we stand for.

    To join EthicX I request that you are willing to stand by the same things EthicX stand by. I request that you are a daily player with some knowledge of the game, you do not need to be an evony veteran as we are all here for the ride, to learn from eachother and grow together.

    If you are unable to take constructive criticism or a joke then this is not the alliance for you, just warning in advance!

    The alliance has very few requirements:

    Be fun and friendly!
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    im from ss38(server 6) and i kknow wat u mean and i wanna join ..and is 153 open yet?

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    I think I may give it a go.
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    Default When Evony was a real game

    I agree with you 100%! I started playing Evony a year and a half ago, and back then it was still a real game. It took strategy and cooperation, not a credit card and enough computer knowledge to write a bot. About 5 months ago, I quit the game completely because of all the nonsense going on, but came back for the friendships and camaraderie. Unfortunately though, all of the frustrations that ruin the game are still here.

    I too believe that there are several like-minded people who want to play the game for what it was originally intended. We already have a group of over 15 players from different servers who feel the same - get back to basics and play the game for the sake of playing a real game, not something won or lost by the size of your wallet. IMHO, if that's all you're in it for, then go to Vegas.

    We would love to work with you in making the game fun again...perhaps in neighboring states or however you feel it would work best. Word on the street is the server will be opening up in less than 30 days, so we can keep in touch and lay out plans as the server draws closer if you're interested.


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    well im preparing for 153 i have deleted all my accounts but 1 ...ima delete that one wen it opens..ima gonna be all about 153..cant wait

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    im with you tin..

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    Good, I hope more people are

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    Count me in !

    On one condition though: I get to bring friends along
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    Thanks to Tsubasa!
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    welcome aboard..

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    I really hope this works out for ya, if it does please keep us informed i want to get back to old school myself.


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