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Thread: Anniversary Gift and Server Issues May 5

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    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigy the 5 View Post
    reread to get answer
    They have said somewhere (i think on fb, credit to evony for posting something up there), that they are readjusting the gift, and to come back in a couple of hours, i think the link says that. I think they may mean what is the readjustment going to be, will it still be the same gift, or will they change it/remove it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post

    Thanks for playing and we hope everyone enjoys the free gift and double cents tomorrow! Don't forget you only have until the 8th to claim your gift!
    well dont forgett to make sure we can claim it before the 8th

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    It also said Good news servers back online I think that meant the normal servers not the free gift thing

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    Servers go down occasionally, its part of the game experience. It was unfortunate for some, but others got a crack at defenceless cities and for a change the bots/sitters couldn't log in and ruin the fun.

    It would be nice if this happened more often. Especially the times when I am already logged in.
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    Default Good for 33?

    If we dont accept the gift on our current server will it be available to receive on na33 when it opens?

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    evony is a business correct me if i am wrong and the key to a good business is good customer service i feel evony as a whole is droppin the ball of late in that department.also i feel that some folk could answer peoples enquiries with less attitude one must remember this business is only possible because of the players.but thx goes out for resolving the issues and hopefully the customer service gets a little better.

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    i was logged in to NA30 the entire supposed "down" time.

    no-one else could log in, it wasn't the servers it was something else...

    p.s. i was farming NPC and Reds the whole time, need reports?
    p.p.s I also did star upgrades during this period

    Dawn seeker? a response please?
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    what i want to know is why do they always wait until a day or two before to announce double cents...i literally bought them 2 hours before i get this stupid popup and of course if i try to cancle and repurchase ill get banned (ty for the amazing system evony *sarcasm*)

    not just that, but when your mod's start posting in forums that BS answers are better then nothing, it reflects the attitude that they just don't give a sh*t, and quite frankly, that makes you as a company/buisness look pathetic, customer service is the key to any successful buisness that deals with people in a real time environment...and quite frankly, w/ my job experience and the things ive seen in the advertising/CS departments of other quite astonished that whoever is in charge of Regan Mercantile hasn't fired you all (from my POV job performance by devs and mod's in these forums is horrible and the standard has been set so low that if you blink at the screen and post 6 words as a mod your considered to be doing a "good job`

    it really is laughable

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    What I want to know is why Evony just didnt make the gift into a package for us to accept like the beginners package or the Lords package. They could have loaded it in during regular server maintenance and we wouldnt have had the issue with overloaded servers.

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    nice ....i like the gifts from evony

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