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    Why not Evony puts a Money Free server.

    Problem: Players are willing to spend 100k(or somewhere expensive) $$$ every time a new server opens!
    Outcome: Good for evony workers but bad for the players.

    Problem related to???: Spenders aren't giving non-Spenders chance.

    Solution to ??? Related: Make a server where Spenders can't spend and the server that gives non-Spenders a chance to be in the top!!!
    If you are wondering where I'm at please take a look at this post:

    Cya everyone.

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    Been suggested lots of times ... Been rejected even more times.

    Evony is a business. You can't have a day in the shops where everything is free just so those with less money can buy as much as those with more.
    It costs money to run and maintain the servers, so they need the income the game generates.
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    Browsing SbD's excellent suggestion list, I can see this has been suggested before....and turned down by Evony.

    Sorry, your're flogging a dead horse here.

    Thanks to Infinitus for the epic B'day pressie!

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    Morgan makes good observations..

    Thread closed.

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