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Thread: Emergency Maintenance - ss45 and wn2

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    Default Emergency Maintenance - ss45 and wn2

    Update: The server is up and ready for players! All buffs and Vesta's remained active during the down outage.

    We've taken down servers ss45 and wn2 for emergency maintenance to fix a hardware problem affecting these 2 servers. Our technicians are currently working to get the server back to 100%.

    We expect server wn2 to be back online within 1 hours. We don't have an estimate yet for ss45.

    As a side effect of the hardware problem, we'll be rolling the servers back to a point before the problem occurred. You may see a few of your most recent actions reverted if you were online at the time the servers went offline.

    Sorry for any inconvenience and we'll keep you updated with any news. Thanks for your patience while we work to fix these servers.
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    Server wn2 is now online! I'm not sure yet about the ETA for server ss45 as our team is continuing to work on it, but we do expect it to be back online soon.
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    Server ss45 is now online and ready to accept players! Sorry again about the outage and all players on the affected servers should get a package as thanks for hanging in there while we got the servers back online!
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    We're investigating the outage on server wn2 right now. Hopefully it will be quick but if not I'll post an ETA here.
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    Our technicians are currently replacing some hardware that went bad. No ETA but they say it should be soon.
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