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Thread: ADVICE: How to avoid your account from being hacked

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    Default ADVICE: How to avoid your account from being hacked

    since evony is a competitive game, there have been several attempts from dubious players trying to maintain their hold on the game in hacking or rather password stealing from other players.

    this thread is dedicated to ways to avoid account theft and how to spot hackers.

    1) if a player suggests that you install some type of software like teamviewer or another remote desktop program or to enable remote desktop on your computer, stop right there. let them know you are fine with doing screen shots and will upload to a public photo share like photobucket.

    2) if a player asks you to trade your account for their's or whispers you asking for logins, deny them. they might promise you something good, but really they want something bad. i mean that player's account might have already been compromised.

    3) don't use common passwords on your account and remember to change your account password frequently. even if your account was somehow compromised, you can lock out password stealers.

    4) NEVER NEVER log into your account from a remote connection or on a computer you do not trust. key loggers are a very common form of piracy. a keylogger stores all key strokes from your computer and logs it to a file or sends it to a remote location.

    i have known too many people who have been hacked and some players right now were trying to gain access to my account. i am not sure why they would want my account since it is probably worthless to them anyhow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thehood View Post
    3) don't use common passwords on your account and remember to change your account password frequently. even if your account was somehow compromised, you can lock out password stealers.
    To add to this, make sure your email password is not the same as your evony account password, and that it is also changed frequently (once a month?)

    How to Make a Strong Password?
    • Make it as long as you can without making it hard to remember
    • Use symbols
    • Use numbers
    • Use upper/lower case letters

    I like to use a long word or a short phrase... For example:

    Sony Is Superior or Cheesecake

    I change the letters that look similar to symbols/numbers
    a = @
    I = 1 or !
    O = 0 (zero)
    S = $
    E = 3
    On top of that I make all the non-changeable letters in the words 'Sony' & 'Cheese' to upper case, so I don't need to remember which letters are lower/upper. You should come up with something like this:

    $0NY1$$up3r10r or CH33$3c@k3

    And voila, you have yourself a strong password, thats easy to remember

    [EDIT] I would recommend saving your password(s) somewhere externally just in case you forget
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    Lesson # 1
    How to get passwords

    Use Bait:
    mail me what hero u want and stuff (not the base) just like how high u want the lvl/ Poli,attk,intel... and i'll see what i can do. Also tell me how much your looking to pay it for, I'll work deals with y'all dont worry. I just dont want to get offered low... any questions or concerns about buying my hero's ask XXX he's bought 2 of them off me.

    Sucker looks at bait:
    Hey, would you happen to have something over 500 atk?

    Set hook:
    Sure, lets do a Teamviewer session and I'll show you the exact heroes and we can discusse it

    Whats teamviewer? how do I set it up?

    Reel him in:
    Just Install this Teamviewer remote support file

    the Sucker is caught!

    once the remote support is installed you have given full adminstrative rights to your computer, he can download your browser password file, while showing you "the hero" and can even log in later and steal the hero back

    comming soon...

    Lesson #2
    How to use Evony's "security code" feature to keep "the sucker" from removing you from the account now that you have the password!
    loads of fun!!

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    Or dont give out your password's at all? lol I mean it is against the rules... even if it is "for reinforcement purposes.. ect" , If you get hacked because you gave out your into, I dont think evony should even give you the choice of retreeving the password... I just think its whose ever fault for trusting noob scams?

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    #1 and #4 are especially good tips that I think some people are unaware of. I've heard of people downloading stuff from other players off skype and getting hacked because of it.
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    hmm maybe if i got hacked i could escape the addiction and discover real life again. would it really be that bad?

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    Any answers on why evony has not banned the players asking to sell heroes and cities full of resources and started criminal proceedings against them? Oh yes. Their tech got a job at Best Buy. At least one 2yr+ player has quit on ss38 over this and I suspect more will follow if evony does not act swiftly and firmly against these players

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    good, you can fake make it hacking someone just hold spacec and type date abd name exact. No really hacking just ****ing someone off
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