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Thread: Ascendancy Civilization Roleplay [OOC/Interest Check]

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    Default Ascendancy Civilization Roleplay [OOC/Interest Check]

    Ascendancy Civilization Roleplay [OOC/Interest Check]

    Main Roleplay

    By the Gregorian calendars on Earth--if Earth yet lives--the year is 2840 C.E. Life has progressed far, weaving its way deeply into the framework of the universe at large. In emptiness's darkest depths life has survived, thrived even, on a scale that even the most optimistic of individuals could not have fathomed eight centuries prior.

    Unfortunately, for all the grace and grandeur of life, order is difficult to come by. Once, centuries ago, there was some semblance of order, some unity, of the multitudinous and diverse species of life in the galaxy--but that time has long passed. Each species is its own isolated island in a vast, possible infinite, ocean. But, for all the chaos and discord in the galaxy, something is changing. Slowly perhaps, but unstoppably, the burgeoning nations of the Milky Way have begun to collide with each other anew. Centuries of isolation have suddenly come to a nearly inexplicable end. What will be the result of these cultural collisions among the stars' War, inevitably; peace, possibly; life will move forward. However this maelstrom of colliding cultures, peoples, and ideas promises a radically different future.

    It is in this raging storm that your people have found themselves inevitably entrapped. Be it by choice, chance, or . . . something else, you are now at a crossroads that will determine the future of your people. Will you press forward into the future, or attempt to grasp for any semblance of isolation you have left? Will the pen or the sword make up your primary tool of diplomacy? In this radical new world, anything could be possible!

    In Ascendancy you will take over the role of a species that has been isolated (for the most part anyway) for centuries and is now at last finding itself in contact with other races. It is a story of not only inter-species interactions, but also of the effect of contact with alien peoples and worlds on your own culture and ideals. War between species is likely, probably inevitable knowing the way intelligent life tends to react to potential threats, but diplomacy as well will be a tool at your disposal. You will not be constrained by a plot outside of what you yourself generate. Interactions between species will generate a dynamic plot for us, and you are free to introduce smaller plot lines within your own people.

    For old participants in Solar Empires, this experience will likely strike some semblance of familiarity. Yes, it is similar in concept and execution, but I hope that it will carve its own niche and not be seen as a mere extension of that particular roleplay.

    Species Application:
    For this particular Roleplay I will be utilizing a very Spartan application. The idea being that your species is not locked in one particular set of 'basics' and that it can be very dynamic in that regard. Topics such as political systems and ideology can be brought up over the course of the roleplay and therefore will be left out of the application.

    Nation Name(s):
    Nation Description:
    Species Name
    Species Description:
    Space Fleet:

    Accepted Applications:
    Quote Originally Posted by Heraclius View Post
    Nation Name: United Coalition of Oriens
    Quote Originally Posted by Skirata View Post
    The Collective
    Quote Originally Posted by Conrad_Jalowski View Post
    The Romani
    Quote Originally Posted by Tan 90 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Boleslav View Post
    The HhH
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    The Gleg Collection
    Quote Originally Posted by BrotherhoodUK View Post
    The Greater Union of the Social Republics
    Quote Originally Posted by Jurnis View Post
    The United Colonies of the Asgard
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    Nation Name: United Coalition of Oriens (UCO)

    Nation Description: Brought about by the Emergency Unification Ordinance of 2356, immediately prior to war with the Alumonus, the UCO was never meant to be a permanent political entity. The fact that the radically different city states on the planet Oriens accepted the idea at all is astounding, the fact that it has lasted as long as it has is downright miraculous to uninformed eyes. However its formation, and long term survival, were really inevitable events in the history of humanity. Imminent destruction was required to bring the city states together, but once this occurred the unity provide strong and remains to this day.

    Species Name: Humans

    Species Description: Humanity (or the UCO, but as far as they are concerned they make up all that remains of humanity) left a hostile home-world over eight centuries ago to live in exile amongst the stars. What has happened to those who were left behind (a great many in fact, as the ancestors of the UCO represented merely a splinter) is unknown to the UCO, though it is assumed that they self-destructed.

    United Coalition of Oriens Space Authority (UCOSA or SA)
    VSGBS-1 'Ares': Built for war centuries ago, these mighty warships represent the bulk of the UCO?s space might. While most models in current operation are newer, several are older (from rustic to downright ancient). The model has gone through a great many changes over the years, but the basic design remains unchanged to this day.
    IWCM-5 'Athena': The newest addition to the UCOSA, the Athena is the most powerful ship ever built. It serves as a command and control vessel, as well as a powerful warship and fighter base.
    IWCM-3 'Hermes': The Hermes is a logistical support vessel built mainly to carry troops and supplies. However, it is not uncommon to see the Hermes used as a carrier for light strike craft. Hermes also possess incredible power generation capabilities.
    UCOSAM-6 'Navis': Light frigates with a crew of 10 men, the Navis is designed as for roles ranging from scout vessel to escort. They are fast and maneuverable, though cannot take much punishment.

    General Franklin Scott: A General in the UCOSA and commander of the Third Battle Group. Scott is a veteran of Soldaria (a battle against unknown alien forces in 2834) and recently returned under mysterious circumstances from an ordeal known only as the 'Odysseus Affair'; he has struggled in the past with PTSD and a complete reversal of beliefs. That said, he is a fine officer and good tactician who serves his country, and his species, well. He commands from his flag, the Dominion.

    Grand General Jacob Harding: The supreme commander of the military of the UCO, Harding is another Soldaria vet and talented commander. He is calm and slow to anger, but extremely stubborn.

    Premier Silvia Brookes: One of very few female Premiers in the UCO, Silvia was elected by a huge margin following her promise to 'take to the stars'. She believes firmly in her expansionistic policy, which has many enemies in the High Council, and while she is largely a pacifist, she is more militaristic than any leader before her.

    Et al.
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    Nation Name(s): the Collective

    Nation Description: The Collective is a migrant fleet composing both military vessels and transport ships. With no official government, all decisions are made by a majority vote that begin at an individual platform (AI, which is composed of various programs each having their own vote), then to a ship-wide vote where the platforms themselves vote for an action, and then the fleet as a whole has the votes tallied with each ship having their own vote. Decisions can be voted on and collected in several seconds to minutes.

    Species Name: Braktus

    Species Description: Artificial intelligence created by a now extinct race of tripedal organic life. The Braktus design uses their forefathers' image as inspiration for the build. The more popular Braktus model is composed of three legs, four arms with a hand of eight fingers, and a head built into their torso (the head serves no real function other than to make their previous owners more comfortable). All information is shared between the Braktus.

    Space Fleet:
    F25GS - On board AI. Carrier vessel used to transport the Braktus. Had the same purpose as commercial transport ships. Christened the name Hanon, their masters' former species name.
    A7S - Military vessel. Has an on-board AI that calculates weapons, fuel and other resources, etc. Only crew is of complementary security that is supplied for the Hanons.
    The A7Ss are nothing more than a hull formed around multiple silos.
    A15SR - A heavy plated ram. On-board AI determines speed and direction. Has no crew or weapons. The A15SR is used more often to deliver fear than to actually fight.

    Characters: N/A as one Braktus would be the exact same as the other, aside from perhaps different models.

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    (Nation Name):

    The Romani

    (Nation Description):

    The gargantuan empire of the Romani spans multitudinous solar systems and encompasses a dense cluster of habitable planets. In 509 B.P.S (Before Principate System), the Romani founded a commonwealth in which the laws of the governing body acted in the best interests of the body politic. The Romani Commonwealth arose from the expulsion of the seven despots of the Etrusci civilization. In time, the Commonwealth degenerated into a democracy and eventually an ochlocracy. In 133 B.P.S, the Gracchit Brothers attempted to fashion a democracy out of the Roman Commonwealth. The dangerous reforms of the Gracchit Brothers upset the delicate equilibrium that existed between the patriciate and the plebeian masses of society. As a result, a masculine republic had degenerated into a feminine democracy. The avarice of the governing body coupled with the licentiousness of the rabble resulted in the dissolution of a republic and the nascence of an empire. From a constitutional society, the Romani civilization had descended into despotism which is equivalent to general slavery and subservience. In 27 B.P.S, a principate was proclaimed which consisted of a government composed of a monarchical core enveloped by an oligarchic institution. The principate system was fully established years later once all the provincial governors swore loyalty to the Princeps and to the imperial institution of the Romani. Under the auspices of the early emperors, the Romani civilization internally prospered and managed to keep heterochthonous species at bay from their glorious empire. As time progressed, the Romani Empire stagnated with a succession of weak willed, inept and cruel emperors who devoted their time to dissipation as opposed to the benevolent maintenance of imperial authority. In addition, the empire fell prey to the incursions of heterochthonous species while numerous claimants attempted to usurp the imperial appellation. However, by the year 293 A.P.S, a tetrarchy was established as a means of preserving the empire and perpetuating its existence. The tetrarchic system of Diocletian divided the Romani Empire between two senior emperors (The Augusti) and two junior emperors (The Casers). The mission of the Tetrarchy was to carve four areas of influence for the tetrarchs. However, both junior emperors would submit to the superior hegemony of the Augusti while the Augusti Maximianus would acknowledge the greater political wisdom and dignity of the founder of the tetrarchic system. The Tetrarchy minimized the burden of each tetrarch who governed a particular segment of the empire as opposed to the entire extent of the empire which had existed during the Early Principate. As a result, it was hoped that the collective strength of the Tetrarchy would better maintain the unity of the empire than the old principate system. Although the Tetrarchy consisted of a multiplicity of imperial rulers, they swore to uphold the unity of the empire.

    (Political System):

    An autarchy/autocracy (Tetrarchic system)

    (Economic System):

    Command economy/centrally planned economy

    (Species Name):


    (Species Description):

    According to the religion of the Romani, at the apex of the celestial hierarchy exists "The One" from which emanates all things. From the first principle of creation or the arche arose the dichotomous division of the cosmos: the realm of corporeal objects and the domain of god-like Reason clumped together with the other incorporeal entities. "The One" is a transcendent and ineffable being from which all things have sprung forth. Beneath "The One" exist the hypercosmic gods and the Demiurge. The Demiurge is the artisan-like fashioner of the home planets of the human species. At the nadir of the celestial hierarchy exist the cosmic gods that hold dominion over the individual planets of the Romani civilization. After centuries of expansion during the Early Principate, the Romani have settled for a policy of containment: maintaining their precious civilization despite the incessant encroachments of heterochthonous species. From a minuscule state that consisted of a single planet, the Romani came to encompass multitudinous solar systems either through peaceful integration or through outright subjugation. However, after centuries of expansion the Romani Empire has overextended its forces and stretched its resources to the limits. In order to preserve the internal unity of the empire and to reverse the tide of socio-political ossification, the emperor Diocletian established the Tetrarchy. It has yet to be seen whether the increasing autocracy of the emperors will stabilize the empire or lead it inexorably into its own annihilation.


    --The liburna: Armed with one or two laser turrets
    The liburnians are built for trade but are useful in the harassment of minor forces. The liburnians fill the commerical networks of the Romani Empire. These commercial and military networks are the veins and arteries of the empire.

    --The trireme: Armed with six laser turrets
    The triremes are the standard military vessels of the Romani Empire.

    --The quinquereme: Armed with a hardened beak that is used to ram enemy vessels

    --The Tessarakonteres: The imperial flagship
    A true leviathan compared to the other military and commercial vessels of the Romani Empire. The colossal tessarakonteres is armed with over 1,200 laser turrets and is virtually immune to laser fire and the majority of missile types with the exception of massive nuclear missiles.


    --The Augusti:

    Diocletian [Senior emperor of the Oriental planet provinces]
    Maximianus [Senior emperor of the Occidental planet provinces]

    --The Casers:

    Galerius [Crown-prince to Diocletian]
    Constantius I Chlorus [Crown-prince to Maximianus]
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    Nation Name: deQuatri AKA The Union of Four

    Nation Description: A unitary state composed of four intersecting kingdoms on the planet Newtona.

    Species Name: Posthumans

    Species History: The Posthumans are a biologically and technologically advanced race descended from genetically-modified humans. The first generation of Posthumans, about 200 in number, fled Earth in the year 2048 after being isolated from the rest of society and discriminated against. Hoping to permanently leave behind the human race, they colonized a distant planet and erased the location of their home world from the navigation system of their capital ship.

    Description: Posthumans are human in appearance, minus their flaws. Genetic engineering eliminated most known genetic disorders, and gave posthumans advantageous qualities. Their skin is more resistant to melee weaponry, and their bones are less likely to break. They are generally fit and in good shape, and they are stronger.

    Culture: Posthuman society is very advanced, and poverty is non-existent. However, the defining difference between posthumans and humans is their love of numbers and mathematics. Posthumans are obsessed with the number two, powers of two, ten, and powers of ten. They are also extremely organized.

    Space Fleet:
    - Class 1: Civilian vessels, scouts, and courier ships
    - Class 2: Fighters, small transports
    - Class 3: Small patrols, corvettes
    - Class 4: Heavy corvettes, cruisers
    - Class 5: Battle cruisers
    - Class 6: Level 1 carriers (Transport Class 1, 2, and occasionally 3 vessels)
    - Class 7: Battleships
    - Class 8: Level 2 carriers (Transport Class 3 and 4 vessels)
    - Class 9: Heavy battleships, Level 3 carriers (Transport Class 1-5 vessels)
    - Class 10: Capital ships (NSF Leibniz, NSF Pythagoras)

    Characters: Nicholas deLyon, King of the West; Karl von Saar, King of the East; Edmund Eriksson, King of the North; Fredo deLuca, King of the South
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    This post is mostly complete; only the militaries need to be completed.

    This DETAILED application is for two races that have been separated at some point, far back in time...So that's in clarification of the obvious resemblance between the two.

    Nation Name(s): The United Colonies of the Asgard

    Government: Government headed by a High Council of Lords, each of whom lead their own nation, and participate in Council to decide things affecting all of the nations, rather than individual ones. Each Lord is elected in its own way...However, the leader of the Terrans is a figurehead, and has no power within the Council, being unable to vote...Nor does he/she have true power over his Nation, as it has no homeworld to speak of, living instead on everyone else's.

    They always meet on the Neutral Planet of Asgard, which is close to the center of their nation.

    Nation Description:

    The Seven Races actually consist not of Seven, but Six, with the Seventh Race being lost for some unknown reason.

    The Seven (or rather Six) represent both the physical and the non-physical Elements of Air, Water, Earth, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. For some reason, Fire and its respective Race has been missing since the Sacred Texts went along with it about two Ages ago...When all of the planets of Celesti died at once in a supernova.

    No commoner knows what happened to the Nation of Fire, nor do most of the current Lords sitting in the Council...But several scribes do, but they are under vows of secrecy until Fire should burn under the thrall of Dark...Which has never happened, nor can physically, as fire is supposed to create light...

    Five of the Six remaining races each have their home planet by now, with their own colonies, be they small or great.

    The First Race, the Avians, represent Air, and their home planet is Helios. According to legend, the first true Avian flew above the mountains on his own, and did not fall until he wished to land gently back at his home.

    The Second Race is the Aquarians, and of course, they represent Water. Their homeworld is called Azuria. Legend has it that they were the first to have mastered the art of being under water for unnatural amounts of time. They also worked with the Avians to master the art of flying in places without air.

    The Third Race is the Terrans, who are the People of the Earth. They are the workers of the earth, and as such have no homeworld. They are the most common of all the Races.

    The Fourth Race is the Sophorites. They are the intellectuals, the thinkers, and the most brilliant scientists. Sappora is their world. They are the ones who invented a way to travel faster than Light itself...They are generally Atheists, and don't actually believe in any legends made up about them.

    The Fifth Race is the Souru, and the Soul is their Element. They are mostly monks, and not much of note is said about them...Other than that they keep most of the Texts preserved from the Flight. Their numbers are very few, but they still have an isolated planet to themelves at Luxoran.

    The Sixth Race is the Sapiru, which represent the Spirit. They are generally the ones who have the calmest voice out of all the Races, and people with passion tempered with humility are generally the most respected there. Most of their Ambassadors to other Nations are Sapiru, as their skill with both debate and diplomacy is literally legendary. They have chosen Jangshen to be their world of choice...They have no colonies, like the Souru.

    The Seventh and last Race was supposed to represent Fire, but they are no more, and an extinguished torch with an unknown method to light it always stands inside the Chamber of the Lords in the neutral city of Agard, where their governent met for the first time, and always meets. Only certain scribes among the Souru know of their fate.

    Species Names: The Avians, Aquarians, Terrans, Sophorites, Souru, and Sapiru.

    They generally look alike on the outside, with no major physical differences. However, their trends, favored technologies, and just about everything related are vastly different from race to race.

    Species Description: All somewhat humanoid, except that their eyes are very vividly-colored, as is their hair, which ranges in most colors of the spectrum.

    About six feet tall on average, they act and appear to be somewhat like Humans. The physical and mental differences between each race are rather superficial on the whole, but can still be seen according to their races.

    Their year consists of exactly 343 days. It consists of seven months, with seven weeks, with seven days in each week. It also happens to be the same time that the planet of Souru revolved around its sun.

    Colonies of note include Phyros, Argos,

    Space Fleet:

    Vastly different from race to race, it will take up another whole post for the

    This will be in a different post, which I will put up as soon as I can.


    Lord Francois D'Avingnon of the Avians, Lord Severus Absoll of the Aquarians, James Green of the Terrans, Lord Lucius Maximus of the Sophorites, Lord Vladimir Karru of the Souru, and Lord James Jonetsu of the Sapiru.

    Others included.
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    Well Conrad, Tan 90, and Skirata, you are all accepted. There is a lot of humanity so far, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. With luck, we will be able to get started on this tomorrow with Jurnis and Boleslav.

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    Nation Name(s): Not Applicable
    Nation Description: Not Applicable
    Species Name: the HhH
    Species Description: the HhH are a multicellular parasitic lifeform.
    Space Fleet: Sacs, drifting through space. When disturbed, or when they are near a source of life, the sacs burst, releasing the HhH in their spore form. Inhalation of the spores results in the growth of a parasite, which assumes control over the host in due course. In this form, the HhH have been known to communicate if the host species has the ability to do so. Eventually though, the HhH will transform the host into a lightweight sac, drift into the atmosphere and perpetuate its lifecycle anew.
    Characters: The crew of the small human vessel Tenacity is Contagious, who have just detected a spore-sac near them and are going to investigate. This will probably be the first encounter between humans and the HhH.

    *with apologies to Aliens, The Thing, and Iain M Banks*

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    ((Recycling a semi-old race that I never got to use enough.))

    Nation Name(s): The Gleg Collection

    Nation Description: By definition the Gleg Collection is an inter-species alliance between six total species, which will be defined below. This group of species was formed after encounters between the servant Gleg (both servants and Matriarchs) and the Duer, Brakti, and Phexis respectively. The Gleg have a strictly expansionist method of diplomacy, seeking to unite all intelligent life under the banner of the Collection, which they (at least the drone Gleg) believe to be the sole hope of order in the galaxy.

    Species Name: (List in chromatic order of absorption into the Collection) Gleg Matriarch, Gleg, Duer, Hyperbreed (synthesized), Brakti, Phexis.

    Species Description:

    ((These race posts along with the ship and character posts are taken directly from the Dreadnought OOC thread.))

    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Gleg Race
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Matriarchal Gleg Race
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Duer Race
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Brakti Race
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Phexis Race
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Hyperbreed Race
    Space Fleet:

    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Ardent Warrior Dropship/Boarding Craft
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Glorious Intent Light Carrier

    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by KOOPS95 View Post

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    KOOPS, welcome it is good to see you again.

    Both you and Boleslav are accepted. It will be very interesting to see how Boleslav's species fits in, I can see the opportunity for a lot of interesting events stemming from them.

    I'll post the RP thread now.


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