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Thread: 26,000 Cent Giveaway on Facebook and Twitter!

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    Your cents are worthless if we cannot even log into servers

    NA33 is currently lag haven. You can't connect and when you do everything appears to be frozen.
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    I dont want my friends and family knowing the disgusting amount of time i spend playing this game.... let aloone 10000000 other strangers

    Who is proud of burning thousands of hours on a free game such as this?

    Sorry if you call this trolling but its my honest thoughts...

    Quote Originally Posted by jeromme60 View Post
    hey dawnseeker i think it would be nice if product dev would create a server port item which can teleport to another chosen server,i dont care how much is the price but it is exciting to have this kind of will last 24hr and can be extended like adding another sure this would be a best seller among the rest of the items in ageI ....please can u pass it on please to the product dev team.....thnx long live evony!
    oh wtf this was my idea months ago :P
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    <23:17>[Class E]: this game could be awesome

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    Why dont they hold it on the forums? lol
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    I'm going to party like it's 1999.
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    i'm confused, does every1 win who enterS?

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    Quote Originally Posted by G0UD View Post
    Who is proud of burning thousands of hours on a free game such as this?
    I definitely am when It's such a fun game and I have nothing else to do with my life
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    awesome idea though it's winter here

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordFox25 View Post
    yet again people like i get screwed in the contests cause Evony wishes not to make it available to the entire evony community who chooses not to have accounts on facebook and twitter that get hacked so easily
    and w/e u say bout anyone able to enter it is a lie u cant enter into a facebook contest without having a facebook account, cant even access facebook pages due to the same thing

    I agree, keep the contests out of Facebook and Twitter

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    instead of making more bs why not fix whats allready broke ie: ss57 this will most likly be deleted by evony right away as they do every post refering to there blunders.

    SS57 few min ago

    <11:17>[evil666dea]: did any of you get a compensation package?
    To [Sir Bowie]: lol i dint follow there rules... owel im content on my own less drama
    <11:17>[evil666dea]: ???????
    <11:17>[usamitch]: comp pkg in items
    <11:17>[1Goofy1]: i did
    <11:17>[BBomber]: yeah 5mins of food that took 10 mins to claim!
    <11:17>[Roadbro]: i think he is bz in s152
    <11:18>[Nasty]: i dont
    <11:18>[bite]: THIS GAME SUCKS LAG LAG LAG
    <11:19>[Gold Toe]: yeah getting tiredof this lag
    <11:19>[Scarred]: don't you mean this game sucks ass???
    <11:21>[Gold Toe]: spinny clock
    <11:21>[ValleyKing]: let's have another server maintenance now
    <11:21>[usamitch]: hhhmmmm had botters before*when it laggs all their cords start popping up in chat really very messy
    <11:28>[bite]: welcome to Evonu chat room it is the only thing you can do here
    <11:28>[Gold Toe]: true enough
    <11:28>[Shrooms]: yeah might as well use some speakers
    <11:29>[Candle]: as long as you fools keep spending money, they have no reason to fix it, they have accomplished their goal.
    <11:29>[bite]: every one should send mail on this lag
    <11:29>[Shrooms]: lol they have, check the forums
    <11:29>[CrtchKrikt]: went an left a sht made coffee smked a cig an clock still spinning
    <11:29>[Cowboys01]: Evony, nice chat business you have going !! Congrats !!
    <11:30>[Gold Toe]: yeah they can go into new business ventures now
    <11:30>[Gold Toe]: take on FB maybe
    <11:30>[Candle]: *chuckles heard from within their bank vault*
    <11:30>[Cowboys01]: Maybe there are trying to compete with Facebook !!!
    <11:31>[Gold Toe]: I think this server should stop spending money till the lag goes away
    <11:31>[J3]: like od days of aol, aliances are just private chat rooms
    <11:31>[Cowboys01]: they are going to take over the world with there spinning clock !!!
    <11:32>[bite]: ya my frist time to talk along time on the world so I have 1237 Speakers
    <11:32>[Gold Toe]: I mean I may not be able to play anyway, my army is going to refuge soon because I can't farm
    <11:32>[Nefer]: the spinning clock has a strange power!
    <11:32>[Cowboys01]: Atleast they could have been alittle more original and made it naked chat !!!
    <11:32>[TheDude]: spinnin' clock, got ta go round
    <11:32>[Nefer]: makes us wait here all day!
    <11:32>[Cowboys01]: I have watched it spin for three days straight NEF !!!
    <11:33>[zhay4ever]: maybe that a away to hypnotize us to buy more cents
    <11:33>[J3]: GIVE US FREE FOOD YOU TIGHT A$$ BA5TARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    <11:33>[CrtchKrikt]: evny hakz cia dat base leaves signature spinning clock. info aquired used to spam more people with neckd grl adds
    <11:33>[Cowboys01]: forgot to farm and build troops.. just log on to watch the clock spin.... I love it
    <11:33>[J3]: ftc
    <11:33>[Nasty]: hey cowboys!!!!
    <11:33>[Cowboys01]: Fall out of my chair every ten minutes...
    <11:33>[J3]: *** the Clock!
    <11:34>[Nefer]: well they might like that
    <11:34>[bite]: but I think the Lag is from lv5 b0ts they run all day never see 3mill only just after maintenace
    <11:35>[Cowboys01]: Would have replied sooner but getting back up in this chair ever ten minutes is a real problem !!
    <11:39>[Kirsch]: holy LAAAAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!
    <11:41>[Shrooms]: hmmm i didnt notice lol
    <11:41>[Nefer]: we will sing lag songs around the campfire
    <11:42>[Emerald]: the clock on the screen goes round and round- round and round...UGH!!
    <11:42>[Kirsch]: still losing food while waiting for the lag....2 minutes to set up troops...
    <11:43>[SpiceBoy]: must--not--get--gun--shoot--laptop
    <11:44>[Roz]: mine cant go round and round. too much lag for that
    <11:44>[Gold Toe]: wow, this clock is still going
    <11:44>[MontyXL]: for f88k sack evony get this sorted please i am on bended knees i cant take any more of this LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGG
    <11:45>[Kirsch]: what...that one wasnt funny?
    <11:45>[Shrooms]: 1112k clocks on the wall, take one down pass it around 1111 clocks on the wall
    <11:47>[CrtchKrikt]: emerald lol merry go round all thru the day lmao
    <11:48>[Nasty]: whatever
    <11:48>[Emerald]: lol
    <11:48>[Gold Toe]: I'm timing the time it takes to see my reports
    <11:48>[Candle]: you maintanance is used to install more lag time. not to resolve it
    <11:48>[CrtchKrikt]: stuck in my head now watching clock spin
    <11:49>[bite]: 1110 and make it a beer
    <11:49>[Kirsch]: taking a break...
    <11:49>[Jenna Sue]: 20 min to view a report
    <11:50>[TheDude]: ditto that, beer time
    <11:51>[cowhead]: going outside, drink beer, this sux
    <11:51>[DJQ]: anyone here good with graphics
    <11:51>[SpiceBoy]: sheesh
    <11:52>[Nasty]: anyone in new march red or not want to loan me food
    <11:52>[lord tommygun]: lol
    <11:52>[Emerald]: lol- getting dizzy as hell watching it Crtch
    <11:52>[Gold Toe]: ah finally
    <11:52>[cartoonman]: The server that time fortgot.
    <11:55>[Jenna Sue]: Time didnt forget it Evony did, is why we have the clock of death at every click
    <11:56>[HellBlazer]: its "Evony Summer Solstice Festival" going they r giving u time (lag) to buy those stuff and that all they worked on

    Quote Originally Posted by Enon View Post
    I agree, keep the contests out of Facebook and Twitter
    same here because i dont have a hackedbook i mean face book acct where the world knows everything, i am punnished by evony an at a disadvantage.
    im not about to let some perv see pics of my kids or know my gps location every 2 minutes so keep ur facebook ill deal with disadvantage in game.
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    Nice I hope i will win some cents

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    once again the loyal evony players are screwed if the dont have facebook. i dont have nor do i want a facebook, so all those times i pay evonys salery mean nothing. if they cant make contest open to everyone, weather they have facebook or not, then whats the point. weather evony would like to admit it or not, this IS a form of discrimination, which is against there own rules.
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