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Thread: Server Downtime Today

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRealSparty View Post
    Like i said, months of work is worth much more than 24 hrs of gameplay. To make things clear, I personally didn't lose anything so I'm not asking for anything for myself. However, I would have no problem with a rollback to make things equitable.

    The bottom line is that these problems have occurred in the past (server not allowing people on but some are permitted to remain online and kill at will) and Evony has not come up with a fair procedure to prevent these kinds of situations. It would be understandable if it was for only 15-30 mins, but upwards of 7+ hours while allowing some people remain online? Then to have Dawnseeker blatantly lie to everyone was icing on the cake.

    i think dawnseeker should be removed as a rep. of evony for lieing to everyone like he did..

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    Quote Originally Posted by davemata View Post
    As Dawnseeker stated (to which people got grumpy with him) is that there will be a compensation package, more details will be coming later.

    As for a rollback, while it sounds great on paper it's a risky process to undertake for one server let alone all servers, and would have caused even more server downtime it potentially could have doubled the amount of time that the gameservers were down. Some people may have been impacted, but not enough to make such a process worth doing.

    It's not a "just" remedy, it's the remedy you want. Some others would counter with it being unfair because they already played since the servers came back up and losing that time would be "unjust". Who would be right? That's a rhetorical question though, as the decision has already been made on the subject of rollbacks.
    Yet, a rollback was done on NA29 today, and although it was done to stop a bug from the outage, there is impact to many players from both events...implications of both the rollback and the outage don't appear to be accounted for, net net after both events. i.e. benefits of fb buffs were not active from the outage start thru the rollback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by *Saunter* View Post
    Evony has proven that they care very little for their players. By giving the same compensation to people who were never kicked from the system and who took cities, they are punishing those who were kicked and not satisfying any of us at all. We lost heroes, worth more than 100 cents, we lost cities and resources and time. We lost money that we paid into those heroes and cities and evony doesn't even care. It's heart breaking to know that we put so much work into our accounts so that a few could take advantage of a server issue and take from us, then to have those same people get theexact same compensation package...its unbelievable. Although I do not know if I will be quitting, I do know that my paltry $60/month will be going elsewhere. Evony will do a server rollback for server exploits, but will not when their incompetence allows an exploit...nice to know that they don't follow their own terms of service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mati2 View Post
    I agree with this. If the servers had gone "down" for everyone it would be a different matter, but Evony allowed people to remain in the game and able to capture other people's cities. Then, Dawnseeker lied about it.
    I don't think he lied. I think he's just not a technical person and didn't know that the people connected to Seattle were still able to be on, and since the login farm went down, those that play on servers hosted out of Seattle could not log on, thus leaving the situation where some were able to be on, while others could not be. For those of us playing on servers hosted out of San Diego (notice I said "us", that means I'm in that group), everything was down, and his statement was correct.

    In short, I think he doesn't understand how his company's game works. He's demonstrated that a few times. I don't mean this to be mean-spirited, Nathan, or Dave, if either of you are reading this, but this is why you get so much vitriol - because sometimes your players know more about the game than you all do as employees.

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    i was disconnected from n1 server but not from wn2 server
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIR LYONS View Post
    i was disconnected from n1 server but not from wn2 server
    wn2 is hosted out of Seattle...

    How you can tell is by doing a ping or a tracert of the "battle" name. The Seattle group starts with IP addresses of 208.x.x.x. is, so that should've been unreachable.

    battlewn2 is, so that should've remained up.


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