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Thread: The Future of Evony

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    U all make good points but aren't we straying off topic

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    Quote Originally Posted by Badgeorge View Post
    This is simple question for Evony.

    Has the policy change? Has opening new Age1 servers replaced the practice of merging older servers?
    No, we'll still be merging Age I servers as needed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    No, we'll still be merging Age I servers as needed.
    does that mean what evony need or what players want and need ? dawnseeker

    as it is most players who have played a whiel like merge as it bring new challenges to game

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainRon View Post
    Is there a statement in the evony terms of agreement that makes players aware of the fact that servers can and will be merged??
    This directly covers that question:
    "Regan Mercantile, LLC may change, modify, suspend, or discontinue any aspect of the Game at any time."

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    get the megers going stop build new site and fix the old ones first like 139 never been merged i know just wasting my breath

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laveila View Post
    Mergers are fun, but after second merger hour daily maintance is not 15 minutes, but something between 45-1hour, at times over an hour and we were told its the shortest time during which they need to keep the server playable.

    Also with inactive accounts (we have about 35k inactives and flat filling accounts), farming is an issue on twicely merged ss. And there seems to be more lag on the latest ss than on other servers, so merge can have some really negative impact as well as possitive. I think another merge on my server would sure make people quit.
    like he said and if u see there is alot of MAJOR factors when u merge i mean seriously evony the lag itself is bad enough when i had to wait 15 min for scout reports and then add all this just makes a mess imo (not trying to troll just trying to put in my opinion )
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    Must say I like mergers & hate them. New players, definitely add for more fun. Gets boring attacking the same few players, especially when they b0t, share accounts & have loads of alts. At least it takes a while after a merge to realise whose causing what mischief.

    BUT I really hate the tombstones, those cities that I know are dead, the players who dropped out over 18 months ago. And whats with the mystery 0 pres accounts? Those cities that just sit there ...

    Still a merge is often better than no merge.

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    Merges? I think they are a thing of the past. Jumps? cool idea. We have ports, both random and advanced. Do the same with servers. I would be happy to pay for a server port. I think it would generate very nice revenues for the game and the players would get a whole new way to go on an adventure.

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    are any of the age 2 servers going to be merged? personally i think servers na1-na3 should be merged. now that would be something to see.

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    well i think merges should benefit evony too. that means reducing servers
    means less maintenance may mean more expensive hardware but i bet removing 4 servers to 1 better one should benefit them alot. hardwares keep getting cheaper and better as we go.
    i think with recent hardware developments they can even make 1200,1200 servers to merge server which are outcome of 2 merges.


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