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Thread: Guide To Taking A Level 12 Historical City In 40 Waves

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    Default Guide To Taking A Level 12 Historical City In 40 Waves

    You'll need warsigns, u will need 100k balls- 20k catapults 5k rams that's the first wave then -- u want ur 2nd wave to hit 2 secs after the balls an the 2 wave is 100k archers then 2 secs after that 100k archers hit u want anther 25k balls 2k rams that will brake the wall def then all warriors an pikeman until u get it, it should only take 40 waves. It depends how strong it is....

    Don't get mad at farming this is a war game just hit them and go

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    How is this in anyway a guide? You put virtually 0 thought into this.....................and do you not this there are better ones that are way more detailed? You dont even mention heros

    PS. Guides go in the faq and guides forum, not the GD

    PSS. Just reading your sig. Not sure why your making guides that have balistae and pults in it if your food isnt even in the red.
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    This thread is being closed because it is posted in the wrong forum and doesn't quite constitute a guide.
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