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Thread: Royalty

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    I agree but I also agree with the other statement too don't come in here to vent they have closed 19 threads about this don't make em close the 20th

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    Who is venting? I am my accounts were frozen. My time of venting is over and done as I have moved to new pastures (games).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamble View Post

    its also funny how everyone is saying they could do this from day 1 of age2, when in actual fact capping royals was a very little known fact and was not wide spread knowledge until months and months later....just another case of people jumping on the bandwagon.
    This makes no sense at all. None.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    I understand that many players would get accustomed to multiple Queen/Kings, but its pretty clear that the method to get them was a bug.
    Your the only one who seems to think it was CLEAR. You cannot truce an Historic City, yet when you capture one, it goes in to Auto Truce.
    When you sow discord on a colonies Hero, it doesn't show in your Feasting Hall until you either 1. Reload the game, 2. Wait till after maintenance
    Please do not tell people that they knew it was a bug, that's offensive and exceptionally Rude at best.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    We are in the process of making some improvements to Evony, but to do that we need to make sure the field is level and that the game is functioning as we would expect. This bug had a large impact on game balance and needed to be corrected so that we can move forward.
    Incorrect again. That aspect was promoted as part of the gameplay by yourself and other Evony staff for over a year, only now when you want to try and earn revenue streams from other sources do you claim it was a bug.

    As for leveling the playing field - its a WAR game for gawds sake, the rules should be as minimal as possible and representative of what happens on the battle field.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    We really do understand the meat of the concerns brought up by all of you, and why you want to be able to capture these heroes. We want to spice up the endgame too and provide new incentives and new mechanics and rewards for high level combat. But to do that, we need to get some of these bugs fixed, even though they've been hanging on for awhile.
    You do not understand, if you did you would have not ventured down this ill thought out path you have chosen. You would also have thought about compensating people for their losses, hell, your not even able to give the Royals back to the players who lost them.... an utter shambles is what it is.

    As for SPICE things up - you've killed off more players than your previous ill thought out ventures. Remember the drafts outrage? You don't learn from your previous mistakes do you?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dawnseeker View Post
    Our goal is to provide you with an even more compelling and exciting environment than would be provided by simply capturing kings/queens. We're not there yet but this is a step in that process.
    It's a step backwards not forwards. You have removed incentive to play. It was an enjoyable part of the game play, searching, finding, porting over, killing, capturing and then moving on.... rinse and repeat.

    You've killed off the searching which in turn kills off the rest.

    Even more compelling and exciting.... i'd rather shove wasps up my bum - thats more compelling and exciting than your latest change!

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    Thalin Athasian, i hope you see this, i have sent you a PM but you have not responded.

    This was you comment on what issues are going to be fixed next so we, the player's, know what we can spend our cent's on without Evony removing them....

    Notice of issues/patches is given through the ingame message system and on the forums/social networks. Thanks.

    This is simply not the truth....There was no in-game message about the royalty fix....Why give out false information? What does it get you? I was nice and polite in my mail, yet you do not have the respect to mail me back.....

    After the royalty fiasco, you would think Evony and it's rep's would be trying to get respect back from the player's, telling non-truth's and ignoring them is seriously not helping you.....


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