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Thread: Lion medal farming

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    Default Lion medal farming

    ok this is a guide on how to get lion medals.

    step1. have atleast 2k archers.

    step2. be prepared to loose a couple here and there.

    step3. find lvl 4 valley near u preferably a grassland but it dosent matter just the closest 1.

    step4. send 200 arch at it with 10 sec intervals, AS MANY WAVES AS U CAN!!!!

    step5. u must capture valley then abandon otherwise no medals.

    step6. keep doing this over and over

    enjoy and get those promotions.

    if u would like screen shot message me or post it on thread. i will get 1 for u.
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    so u mean like let the 200 archs hit then ,abandon quickly then the next wave hits,bit new to this..

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    try it with lv 9/10 vallys u will get a better drop rate

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    i get no medals from anything under 9 ever...on the newer server s anyway

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    Step one pound the crap out of lvl 9/10 deserts adnd grassland
    Step two there is no step two

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    Guide to Modding

    Step 1. Notice that this information only applies to 8 servers.
    Step 2. Close thread for redundancy.
    Step 3. ???
    Step 4. PROFIT

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