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Thread: I can't get population

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    Default I can't get population

    Hey, most of my cottages are level 3, and there is room for 5750 citizens, my loyalty is 80, and taxes are 20, now whatever I do, population increas, praying, it is all temporary, after some time, my population gets to 4600, and only then is stable, now new problem poped up, I have -50 idle population, and all those solutions are temporary, how can I increase population without they leaving my city?

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    Upgrade cottages, or build more.
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    population is set by loyalty rate - with loyalty at 80, you will never get more than 80% capacity
    comforting measures are temporary
    build more cottages as said above to increase your possible population - you wil still only have 80% of that, but it will be more.
    the red number means you have more workers in your resource fields than you have available population - increase as above and the red will go away
    and stop clicking once in a while (you CAN live without that farm for an hour more) and let it grow back :-)


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