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Thread: Summer Super Servers!

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    Default Summer Super Servers!

    Are you ready to face new challenges, make new friends and fight new enemies?

    As part of our continuing effort to pursue player happiness, we're bringing together several servers for a battle royale in our famous Super Servers. If your server is selected to take part in this merger, it will mean more players, a bigger world and the best server performance!

    It's going to be a blast!

    Discuss the servers here!

    Here's the break down:

    Once you get to the merger page, you'll need to select which Lord will survive. The button is a bit small (sorry about that) so here is a picture of the link you need to follow.

    These servers have even higher capacity, space and hardware to accept even more players. It truly will be a battleground without equal, where you'll be able to make even more friends and enjoy exciting new battles with new enemies to conquer.

    Important Notes:
    • All alliances will be transferred except those with no members transferring.
    • If alliance names from different servers happen to be the same, the system will append the server name that they were from. For example: ROMAN_s1, ROMAN_ss3. Alliances hosts will get a Ritual of Pact.
    • At first, your cities will be all over the server. Again, there is nothing to worry about. We'll give you a free pioneer express teleporter for each city to let you move your cities wherever you like. Pioneer express teleporters will disappear if not used within 7 days.
    • You won't be able to log in and gain food, etc while the servers are being merged. Don't worry! All cities will have 0 upkeep during this time.

    So to recap, you'll be getting pioneer express teleporters, ritual of pacts and zero troop upkeep all for FREE!

    These new Super Servers are truly top of the line and will soon be online and ready for you. Don't forget, if you have multiple accounts in s84-s128-s129 (SS61), s130-s131-s133 (SS62), s134-s138-s139-s141 (SS63), s146-s147 (SS64), ss28-ss31-ss36 (SS65), ss39-ss43 (SS66) you'll need to pick which account is being transferred over!


    Don't be the last one to log in to the Super Server! Get in before the others do.

    Best Regards,

    Evony Team

    Super Server FAQ

    When will the servers go offline for the merge?
    The listed servers will go offline at approximately 12:01 a.m. on September 1.

    How long will the merge take? How long between the merge servers going offline until we can log in to the super server?
    The process is expected to take approximately 12 hours.

    How long will we have the no upkeep bonus?
    Cities will not have upkeep for 3 days from the time their old servers go down.

    What is the grid size of the new servers?

    Why are you merging servers that weren't released consecutively? Won't it be unfair?
    This concern might be valid with very new servers but servers tend to equalize within a few months of opening. Server age is not a major factor governing spending habits or advancement of players on established servers.

    Why was my server skipped?
    We carefully analyze the activity rate on each server before deciding if it should be merged. We also listen to input from players about whether their server should be merged. The chances are your server is active and is not in need of a merger. However, it may be merged in the future.
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