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Thread: Defense ratio/numbers - open to suggestions

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    Default Defense ratio/numbers - open to suggestions

    Hey all,

    I'm on a pretty new server (~1 month), and I was wondering if you all have any suggestions or a site dedicated to various troop ratios and their pros/cons.

    Anyone suggest something that's relatively effective? I know that any defense can be defeated, but I'm mainly looking for something that can ward off archbows well. Mechs aren't really around very much yet, so I'm not really concerned about that.

    HB waves are starting to pop up, and we all know how deadly those can be. Anyone have any advice for a nice starting defense? Keep in mind, my hero is ~410 atk. I don't mean a BP defense or anything.


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    I like compact def, its sturdy esoecially early on before rams ar being used much. I generally go for around 150k archers, 200kswords, pikes scouts and warrs. Some 20-30k cavs helps and only arch towers and logs (16333 at and 1500 logs is my typical combo on lvl 10 walls). With balis to farm and trans itvupkeeps aroind five miland an hour. Not hard to feed and can doubled or tripled in size easily by those that have the time to feed it. Two ram waves will quickly break this so be careful with that. Mech waves other withoutbrams do basically nothing against this too.
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