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    i knew archers were strong but damn. i sent this wave by accident.......
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    it's workers and warriors that are crap in that report (remove the http )

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    actually, that fight makes sense.
    1. your hero is much higher than defender
    2. your archers atk there's both sides archrs - you have more and survive.
    3. next "round" - you archrs atk next biggest threat - cav.. dead cav
    4. next round - your archrs atk next closest threat - pikes.
    5. and so on.. defending warriors, the slowest troop who has still been moving while other waves were dieing, finally reaches atk warrior and you lose soem of those.
    6. your archrs mop up.
    end battle

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    Yup that pretty much sums it up Aria

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    Moved to the Battle Reports Section.

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