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    Default Evony Forum Guide Index

    Banner by Nitekiller..........................
    If you have a guide or know of a guide you think should belong in this index, send me a pm (private message) so we can get it added!

    Freedom of Speech, Yes Evony legally can!!!

    For Game related Guides:
    Evony Game Guide Index

    General Forum & Section Specific Rules;
    • Forum rules, and rules specific to certain sections (gfx, off topic, etc..)
    Welcome to Evony - Message from Evony Admin
    Forum Rules
    Graphics Forum Rules
    Off Topic Guidelines
    Forums: FAQs and Guide to Getting Started
    Links to RPG/Stories Guides - to include: the rules, how to create your own, and the Evony (RPG) Library

    VBulletin Ranks, Titles and User related features;
    • Guides to ranks, titles, reputation, etc..
    Ranks: Mods, Senior Mods, Reps and Admins
    Guide to Forum Titles/Ranks
    How to Become a Moderator
    The Reputation Guide

    Posting In the Forums
    • Recommended Must read threads before posting a thread, guide, or poll.
    Before you Write a Guide - Guide
    Lady Thorn's Guide to Proper Thread Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling, PART I
    Guide to Posting and Making Polls(Needs updating, image removed from ploader)
    Why Can't I Post in the Forums
    How to make a good Game Suggestion (and how to prevent trolling, hijacking and more)
    How to create/post a Proper Alliance Recruitment Thread
    Evony Lingo
    How to Protect Your Evony Account

    Freedom of Speech, Yes Evony legally can!!!

    Utilities and Solutions
    • How to accept VMs, BB code, how to hide annoying styles, utilities [forum customizer], and so on.

    Official Evony Feedback Forum
    Germain's Evony Forum Customizer
    The Guide to uploading your Signature and Avatar.
    How to do an Advanced Search
    There are moderated VMs (visitor messages) on my profile and there are no mods around atm!
    Customer Service Forum (Evony Help Desk)
    Guide to getting rid of BB code as you type (Needs updating, image removed from ploader)

    • What doesn't fit anywhere else.
    Evony Glossary, (terms and slang)
    Official Evony Community Fansites
    The Server Start Date and Merger History Guide
    Links to RPG/Stories Guides - to include: the rules, how to create your own, and the Evony (RPG) Library

    Special Thanks to Korakc who inspired the creation of this Guide, ALL of the Guide Creators, and to GermainZ, XxFlamesxX, and Lucas101 for Helping find all the guides.

    If you have a guide or know of a guide that you think should be listed here, contact a forum moderator or send me a private message.... I'm known to disappear for weeks on end, so if I don't reply right away, give me a few weeks LOL

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