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Thread: Server ss56 Update *COMPLETE*

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    Default Server ss56 Update *COMPLETE*

    Update 12:45 pm: Server is now back online and looking much better. We're also extending the 0 upkeep buff for the rest of the day until the regular server maintenance. Thanks for hanging in there. We have also added Captchas to this server to prevent bots from regaining a foothold. Fair players only!

    Update 11:15 am: Stress on the server has caused some additional issues that we need to bring the server down to fix. We expect the maintenance to take about 2 hours. We'll keep you updated here.

    As we've been monitoring server ss56, we've isolated a small set of players that are creating serious stress on the server through the use of bots. We are currently closing and/or suspending these accounts.

    While our servers are equipped and tested to deal with many players at once, they do not respond well to bots which are far more demanding on the servers than a human would be. For now, we are going to leave the server online while we remove these accounts, and we expect the server's performance to steadily improve over the next several hours as we eliminate these bots and any associated users.

    Please hang in there while we work on this issue, and please keep reporting the botters that are causing this via the help system. Thanks!
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