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Thread: Honor dropping??

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    Default Honor dropping??

    So, I'm on a relatively new server(156) and like to regularly drop my honor on nearby reds.
    I have read the honor dropping post on the guide sticky.
    From what I've read it seems to go by resource costs, I've heard scoutbombs are good but I've also heard they arn't.
    I'm not sure how to go about it, Plz help!

    My main attack hero is 155,
    Can't build pults yet
    Lvl 9 MilitaryScience/MetalCasting
    Lvl 6 HBR/Compass

    Market prices are~
    Food ~ .3
    Stone ~ 2
    Lumber ~ 15
    Iron ~ 18

    Now what kind of units should I be using to drop honor?
    What would be cheapest/resources?
    What would be cheapest/buildtime?
    Is it better to send several small waves or one large one?

    Most people I deal with will have close to 0 honor, at what points will i see the biggest changes in heal rates? (I know it works on ratios but 0 honor is a special case)

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    I'm no pro at honor dropping wither, lol

    but there's various ways, if you're hitting some one, send a couple SBs before hand to lose honor and kill archers.

    I constantly attack people, so I don't really have much honor ever, when I do I wait til ready to attack some one, then SB in betwween waves
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    Good ideas, thanks!

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    The best way to drop your honour over a long period of time is to build a treb city. This means that you build a city with walls made entirely out of trebs. You can then get an alliance member / friend to attack your city with waves of 5k warriors. The person attacking you should also have 25-49% of your honour. The benefits of trebs it that they drop a lot of honour quickly, it only takes 5k warrior waves to attack them, and most people on the new servers especially never find a use for all the stone they farm. Your trebs will also partially regen after each hit, so you can use the same 11k trebs to drop quite a bit of honour.[/QUOTE]

    I use this way but i use scouts it is very usefull

    Fun way to annoy your enemys

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    Treb city ftw just make sure the person attacking has less honor then you or the drop rate sucks. When I'm porting around I just use scouts to dump because it's quick and easy to do, and I just pack alot of scouts lol.


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    there are two main ways of dropping honor

    first, lose a battle. depending on how much you lost to what your opponent lost, your enemy may pick up a substantial amount of honor. If you have ever lost a 100k trans wave you know what i mean lol.

    second is building a treb city. Then get someone to hit you with around 4-7k warriors. You will lose a lot of honor per hit, maybe 100k - 700k, depedning on how many warriors are sent.

    in your case, you are trying to ddrop your honor and add to your opponent's before you hit him badly. Firstly, scout bombs will put some honor on HIM and deduct it from your total. (most of the time). So send maybe 5k scouts. You will get a 10% heal, but when you throw your main attack, you want to have a good heal rate for your main troops.

    Just so you know guys, that last point was done from the veiw of a server not 3 weeks old, if it was an older one my instruction would be different.

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    Get lvl 10 npcs, and make the walls into 11k at's, and have someone hit you with 5k warriors and it'll do anywhere from 150k-300k -honor

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    Sometimes it depends on what your enemies have.

    If you get a scout and they have a bunch of arch, you might want to SB them to death...

    Another method that I used recently was scouting a guy who had 200k scouts. By simply scouting, you can lose a lot of honor and not risk much since you dont have to have a hero leading the attack. I purposely sent 100k scouts at my enemy who had 158k defending.

    Because I sent no hero, he killed my 100k scouts while I only killed 28K of his. (Compared to 17k-25k arch with a typical SB anyway and this doesn't risk your heroes). I stilled killed 28k of his troops, didn't have to risk a hero, and lost 518k honor as a result.

    You can change the numbers around if you want (Sending more scouts will obviously kill a bigger percentage of defending scouts, so it might be smarter to send say, 5 waves of 20k scouts with no heroes.)

    Of course, I only recommend this if you have the scouts to spare so that when you're done dumping honor you can get a real scout on your enemy.

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    Just send a pict of Norr to ur openents and they will make u lose all ur honor

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    For details on treb cities and honour dumping, lots of explanation on a previous thread, you can get it all here
    Quote Originally Posted by Khalee View Post
    {Click to visit}
    Basic breakdown on using a treb city:

    * Necessity!!! L9 or L10 Academy - unless L9 or above, you don't get benefit from Machinery research, so your walls don't regen *EEK!*

    * Make sure the person hitting you has less honour, preferably less than half, but very very definitely not zero. Someone with zero honour will pull jack-all honour off you

    * Closed gates. Do NOT ask me why, but for some reason Evony have deemed that a hero in a city with no troops will still defend, so open gates = less honour shed per hit.

    * Use heroes that have over 50 intel. Best option is 60+ attack, ~70 intel. If both parties are online, get the person hitting you to use good heroes for their own advantage, just make ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that your feaster is full (or if you're hitting, make sure you can trust them to have it full). Hitting someone's treb city is awesome XP for heroes, and it's a little repayment for the troops the hitter loses.

    * Unless desperate, don't drop under 3K trebs. 5K warrior/scout waves can take out as much as 3K trebs, and if the hitter wipes the walls clean, you get no regen and you have to start over..... DRAG!

    The argument of warriors vs scouts to hit the treb city is somewhat academic. One will not do a better job of dropping your honour, it simply comes down to time vs cost. If someone is 50 miles away, I doubt you're going to want to wait for warriors to arrive. If you really are penny pinching, cap them a low level NPC next door and they can warrior-wave you till the cows, sheep & goats come home. Otherwise, use scouts.


    Dropping honour via battle, don't make the mistake many do, of looking for someone with more honour than you so that you get a good heal rate. Find someone with jack-all honour, and SB them (other waves can be used, but why not do damage while shedding). Yes you will get a lower heal rate, but you lose more honour per hit, so it works out cheaper in the long run, and quicker also.

    I haven't done it myself, but from what I can gather, apparently phract waves are the quickest way to shed a bunch of honour, although if you can bear to part with them, trans waves do too. In my opinion, suicide waves just make the attacker look stupid, so I would never recommend this.

    The most efficient way to lose honour is treb cities, just watch for people SB'ing yours, since 1 SB will wiped out a full 11K trebs, and even give the attacker a blue line. Many people will have more than 1 treb city, and have alliance mates (or others) hitting them mid-battle.
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