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Thread: The Transport Bomb Thread!!

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    Secretly, i think Mati2 has tried a trans-bomb in the past and is now suffering from chronic Octophobia, and is thus unable to open his eyes to appreciate that he is reading a humurous rather than 'factual' thread.

    Furthermore, it is quite possible that he has contracted Arachibutyrophobia(fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth) from his experiences, and for that he has my condolences. To that end he is forgiven his humour fail but with regret, is denied entrance into the light of my glorious faith- of which whose burdensome weight is now carried on the shoulders of the great ssfgrsawer, who i would rep for every mention of trans bombs if Evony did not insist on 'sharing the love'- which i would strongly advise against, as Trans-bombing is not the only cause of chlamydia!

    I also tip my hat to Evintide,Synful, Docteror, Eric and Imhotep and ladyhawk for spreading the word through missionary work(CAUTION:also spreads chlamydia).

    Last of all i'd like to thank ssfg for finally making my dream reality, sadly it comes while i am in a mini retirement from the game until christmas as i am doing real life missionary work in south america(spreading chlamydia to hookers).

    I'd encourage ssf and eric to dig up some more of our amusing material from the past on trans-bombs, and when i get a chance i will dig up some of my many failed and sucessful trans-bombs attempts, but sadly i dont have the time right now as i am being held hostage by an STI ridden s3x-worker in Lima Peru, who is slightly disgruntled that i tried to pay her in virtual evony stone 'money'. Apparently 100billion isn't enough and im sitting tight until the conversion rate to iron falls,so don?t hold your breaths for my next post.

    Alas, such is life.
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