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Thread: Cannot access a specific server!

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    Default Cannot access a specific server!

    Ok guys here it goes again. Got home from work cannot log onto server 151 on my laptop. Before leaving work I sent out farmers so server isnt down and no issues with my account.

    What is funny is I can access 154 and ss37. On top of that I can access 151 from my phone but not from my laptop. Phone is on 3g...laptop is on hughesnet?

    I restarted everything...clear cache...flushdns

    when I ping i get this
    Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 5, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
    Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 873, Maximum = 1090, Average = 1026ms.

    tracert doesnt work because of hughnesnet it will time out using any address.

    Just trying to figure out what is going on?

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    I can't log on na36, on this laptop, nor can my brother, anyone who has any idea why, please tell me, this is on age 2 though

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    This is an intermitten issue for me. Some days I cant log on from my home internet for 10-12hrs. Other times it is a few minutes.

    Last night it was only 3hrs. But still doesnt make any sense to me.

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    It's a sign from God that you should just play on ss37 so I can take your resources.

    Less QQ more PewPew

    Quote Originally Posted by Prodigy the 5 View Post
    cush has a point... and he is right

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    Happened again last night...I was able to get on this morning and I have been on all day. But for past 3 hrs I cant log on AGAIN!!!

    Again I cant get on 151...but I can access 153, and ss59.

    Think it could be my ISP blocking it?

    I figured it would block all of evony not 1 specific server?

    I know the IP my isp gives me is not specific to my computer...Could it be that too many people with the same IP are trying to get on server 151?
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    I switched my Iphone to connect to my Wireless internet "Hughesnet with a router". I can get logged into server 151 using my internet connection thru the cloud browse app, which is essentially a VPN.

    This leads me to believe it is Evony's side blocking the NAT ip I am stuck on. Not on my ISP side? Any ideas guys?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bigjay89gta View Post
    This leads me to believe it is Evony's side blocking the NAT ip I am stuck on. Not on my ISP side? Any ideas guys?
    Any time a problem like this happens, it is always either a router/firewall issue with either Evony's data centers or your ISP and not a local problem with your computer/phone. I've been saying this for months, possibly over a year... The discussion in the "Forum Lag" thread is also pertinent, especially the part about where I found a discussion on another forum about a network mask being incorrect on 1 network card on a server (with the phrasing used, it implies the server in that issue had more than 1 network card installed).

    So, as you've discovered, you can work around the issue by using a proxy server, which is what that cloud app does for you. That will quite possibly slow the performance down, especially since you're already talking about using a satellite connection (Hughes).

    There has to be action taken by Evony, its' data center providers, or your ISP. You will unfortunately have to do most of the legwork. First stop is to contact your ISP and ask them to make sure they have no firewall rules blocking traffic to/from 64.156.x.x, 208.88.16.x, or 208.88.18.x addresses. After that, if they say no, then you have the uphill battle of trying to get assistance of Evony through their data centers, which will mean you will have to send tickets (possibly many tickets) through the Helpspot (or Help Center, whatever they are called these days) through the Evony main web page when you log into your Evony account.

    Sorry I can't be the bearer of better news. Good luck.

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    Awesome thanks for the reply. I just signed up for a VPN, because I am tired of this happening. Last night I was being attacked while I wasnt able to connect. Thankfully with cloudbrowse I was able to log on and truce...then played defense enough today to get the guy to port.

    I will take your advice and contact my isp to see if there is a firewall issue on their end. I have already put in 2 different help spot tickets in regarding this situation. Of course once they see I can log on now they probably just close the ticket.

    Of course, the VPN is currently letting me play again but with the slow down you mentioned. If I cant get this fixed thru Evony or my ISP I will purchase the VPN service which will allow me unlimited bandwidth, but it takes money away from evony that I usually spend. But that is their problem not mine. LOL
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    LMAO even the VPN is messing up. I guess evony just doesnt want me playing and spending my money on this game.

    This has to be on evonys side...because if it was on my side I wouldnt be able to access the internet at all thru the VPN, because my ISP would be blocking the VPNs ip.

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    Default Update!

    Took 2 days this time before I was able to log onto 151 again. Today while playing I was booted and cannot log on.

    I contacted my ISP and they are not blocking anything.

    All I have to do to access 151 is to change my IP which I do with a proxy server.

    Doing this causes me extreme lag...which is not good.

    Helpspot is saying it must me my computer settings or my isp.

    My isp says they arent blocking anything...And I was playing earlier today I changed nothing on my computer and I was booted.

    So this leads me to believe it isnt my computer or my isp. Instead it is an issue evony is having.

    Any more ideas?


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