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Thread: most ballistas killed in 1 hit by me

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    Default most ballistas killed in 1 hit by me

    below r his before and after reports before after

    there were alot of 0 honor reports thats 2 were the best. enjoy

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    nice hits mate
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    PS: Mech wasn't trolling.

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    thnx alot man

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    NPCs beside u :)


    was a good fight zain...we enjoyed watching it and was good to see the big heros you used the lista kill was v.good...if ironman has any reps from hits on you might see if he can post it tho he didnt hit as much as you.

    il rep you when i spread it round more

    lol tho poisoning the Fh b4 the fight was dirty lol

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    lol his most hits killed my ats only since i had inst wall hero (his too) his best kill was 176k pults and 10 if his phracts smaks killed 250k of my horses each hit(65% heal for me) and 4 of his hit killed 76k pults each. in total i loved the fight lol

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    Nice hits bud, enjoyed them.

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    Waiting for cushseth to rep me.


    nicely done

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    I don't care if your bad. But don't teach other people your badness.
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    This little pony just remortgaged for more war ports.


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